Your own Iron Throne! Review of “Game of Thrones” collaboration gaming chair

The TV drama “Game of Thrones” started in April 2011 and ended in May 2019 with an eight-year story. It is still a very popular work even after the broadcast is over, and it is often selected as a masterpiece title of overseas dramas.

In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the broadcast of this “Game of Thrones”, Secretlab has released a collaboration gaming chair “Secretlab Game of Thrones Iron Anniversary Edition”. This time, we would like to present a review of this collaboration gaming chair.
What is Secretlab’s gaming chair?
“Secretlab Game of Thrones Iron Anniversary Edition” is produced by Secretlab, a Singaporean manufacturer that sells gaming chairs in more than 50 countries around the world.
Although unfamiliar in Japan, it is a manufacturer of gaming chairs that is highly evaluated in Europe and the United States, and is the editor’s choice and best hardware award for tech and game media such as “Techrader”, “Windows Central”, and “PC Gamer”. Has award-winning experience. In addition, it has been adopted in the competition scene of e-sports, and we are also working on many collaboration models with super famous game makers such as Riot Games and Blizzard Entertainment.

Secretlab’s gaming chairs have two lineups, “OMEGA” and “TITAN”, and two types of GoT collaboration models are also available. The main difference is the recommended size of “OMEGA” 180 cm, 110 kg or less, and “TITAN” 175-200 cm or less, 130 kg or less. In addition, “OMEGA” has a shape in which the center of the seat surface rises a little and fits the buttocks, but “TITAN” is flat, so it is easy to sit even if you cross your legs.

Another difference is that “OMEGA” has a lumbar support as a cushion, while “TITAN” has a built-in lumbar support, and the thickness can be adjusted freely. Other specifications are the same.

This time I tried the GoT collaboration model of “TITAN”. If I spoil a little first, the height of the author is 168 cm, but I could use it with the recommended “TITAN” of 175 cm or more without problems, and above all, the built-in lumbar support is very easy to use, so even if I do not get caught up in the recommended size. I think there is no problem.
Become the ruler of the game with your own “Iron Throne”
“Secretlab Game of Thrones Iron Anniversary Edition” is a gaming chair with the motif of “Iron Throne” that appears in “Game of Thrones”. Speaking of the “Iron Throne” in the film, the swords of the enemies defeated by the King of Conquest of Aegon created the majestic atmosphere of the king who ruled the Seven Kingdoms.

This collaboration model has the “Game of Thrones” logo and sword embroidery on the back of the backrest, making you feel as if you are sitting in your own “Iron Throne”. increase. A sword is also embroidered on the side wing, which is the shoulder area. It’s as if you can feel the world of Westeros just by sitting.

Zhangji uses Secretlab’s original “Secretlab PRIME 2.0 PU leather,” which is four times as durable as normal PU leather. It has a soft and moist texture, but has a moderate hardness. It’s hard for gamers to get stuffy even if they sit for a long time, and it’s also nice to touch. It’s very comfortable to sit on.
The backrest that can cover up to the head can recline from 85 to 165 °. It won’t be perfectly parallel to the ground, but it should be enough to slow you down for a game or work refreshment.

The “TITAN” GOT collaboration model I tried this time has a built-in lumbar support in the backrest. Rotate the adjusting screw on the side of the backrest to raise the part that hits the waist. Adjusting to your liking is a merit that the cushion type lumbar support does not have. Personally, I find the built-in lumbar support more comfortable.

The armrests can be adjusted back and forth, left and right, up and down, and the orientation can be changed. When operating the keyboard or gamepad, both arms are slanted like a C, but this armrest allows you to rest your arms perfectly even in a slanted state.
The point is also high that the seat surface is flat. There are times when you want to sit cross-legged or cross-legged while sitting normally. Even in such a posture, the flat seating surface is comfortable to sit on. If the left and right sides of the seat are raised, the seat may be a little narrow and disturbing, but I didn’t feel that.
The headrest comes with a “Secretlab Signature Memory Foam Cushion”. Since the surface of the cooling gel is treated, it is hard to sweat. It’s removable, so even if you don’t need a headrest, it’s okay.
The black-based design has the impact of embroidery, but it is not too flashy, has a high-class feel, and even brings out the dignity of the king. Some of the collaboration products of games and animation are “quality …”, but “Secretlab Game of Thrones Iron Anniversary Edition” is high quality and the world view of “Game of Thrones”. It is a gaming chair that faithfully reproduces. If you are a fan, please check it out. Also, if you are interested in the standard model gaming chair of “Secretlab”, please check out the company’s series.

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