You can open your house key with “fingerprint”! Smart locks have evolved super

I’m worried about “locking out” smart locks…
In recent years, smart locks have become one of the standard security products. It is an item that can lock and unlock the door with a smartphone (smartphone).
You don’t have to take the key out of your pocket or bag every time, and you can set it to auto-lock, so you don’t forget to lock it! It’s a very useful item, but…

What worries me is the case where I forgot my smartphone or the battery of my smartphone ran out.

If the battery runs out, you can charge it somewhere. The problem is when you leave your smartphone at home and go out with auto lock set. This is really tight.
Well, even if you forget your wallet these days, it’s rare to forget your smartphone when you go out, but even so, there are likely to be scenes where you go out without your smartphone, such as when you throw away the trash.

When you use a smart lock, you tend to get used to opening it with your smartphone and stop carrying a regular key. If you don’t have a smartphone or a key, you’re completely locked out.
Smart locks are so convenient that they can really change your life, but due to such circumstances, you can’t trust them.

We have a product that will revolutionize the usability of smart locks!

Smart lock that can be unlocked with a passcode
That is “SwitchBot Keypad Touch”. It is an item that is used in combination with the smart lock “SwitchBot Lock”, not a single item.
In short, by installing the “SwitchBot Keypad Touch” outside the entrance where the “SwitchBot Lock” is installed, it is possible to operate the “SwitchBot Lock” even without a smartphone .

Easy to install! Just attach the base metal fittings outside the entrance and attach the “SwitchBot Keypad Touch”.
All you have to do is use the dedicated app to link it with “SwitchBot Lock” and set it up!

Then, if you enter the passcode with the keypad of “SwitchBot Keypad Touch”, you will be able to unlock it.
With this, you can rest assured even if you go out without your smartphone or keys.

The passcode can be set from 6 to 12 digits. In addition to passcodes that are always valid, you can create passcodes that can be used for a specified period of time, passcodes that can be used only once, and passcodes that receive an email notification each time they are used.

For example, you can ask a friend who is visiting your house to come in first, or ask for a housekeeping service when you are away, without having to hand over the key each time. is.

By the way, the function that can be unlocked with this passcode can be used not only with “SwitchBot Keypad Touch” but also with the item “SwitchBot Keypad”. The “SwitchBot Keypad” is cheaper, so if you can unlock it with a passcode, that’s fine, but the “SwitchBot Keypad Touch” has even more convenient functions.
Can be opened with fingerprint or card
It’s convenient to be able to unlock with a passcode, but isn’t it troublesome to type in numbers on a daily basis? Therefore, the function that can be said to be the centerpiece of “SwitchBot Keypad Touch” is ….
If you register your fingerprint, you can unlock it just by touching it!

With this, you won’t have to worry about forgetting your phone, keys, or even your passcode. relief!
Not only can you register each member of your family, but you can also register the thumbs and forefingers of both hands, which is convenient when you are carrying luggage or an umbrella.

In the cold season, you can’t use it with gloves on, but you can just remove the gloves.
However, it may not be as accurate as the fingerprint authentication attached to the iPhone, etc., and even the fingerprints that should have been registered may not be read successfully with one shot (although it is okay if you try several times).

Well, it would be safer if the check was too strict rather than being opened with someone else’s similar fingerprints.
Cards seem convenient, but once you get used to the convenience of fingerprint authentication that you can use it empty-handed, it’s a little tricky.

Is it a purpose like lending it to someone temporarily?

The only concern is running out of battery
By the way, “SwitchBot Lock” is not connected to the Internet (Bluetooth connection with smartphone), so it cannot be used for applications such as unlocking remotely from outside.

If you want to operate it via the Internet, let’s link it with “SwitchBot Hub Mini”.
It seems that it is rare to open and close the door from the outside, but by linking with the “SwitchBot Hub Mini” and responding to the Internet, you can check “Is it locked properly” from the outside, and receive notifications when unlocking. and you can see the history of “who opened and closed it”, so I think it would be convenient to have it.

“SwitchBot Lock” has become almost the strongest smart lock that can be unlocked with fingerprint authentication.

Is the remaining point of concern the battery running out? Both “SwitchBot Lock” and “SwitchBot Keypad Touch” run on batteries, so there’s nothing you can do if they run out.

That said, if the battery drops below 20%, you’ll get a persistent notification, so unless you’re away for a long time, the battery won’t run out.

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