You can cut vegetables with no touch !? The fear of cutting your fingers with the “vertical slicer” is gone!

I, Jidara King, have a hobby of cooking, and I have covered some “easy cooking tools” in this series.

At home, I’m planning to have not only cooking appliances, but also pots, kitchen knives, ladles, chopsticks, and other items that are easy to use. That is the vegetable slicer .

Because, in the kitchen of a small restaurant where I used to work part-time when I was a student, a child of an apprentice Itamae, who was a good friend of mine, slammed his fingertips while using a slicer. I witnessed it … Fortunately, it didn’t really matter, but it was still a disaster. After that, every time I used a vegetable slicer, that scene was played back in my brain (Hey!).

And simply, isn’t the vegetable slicer scary? You can feel the blade moving back and forth in the immediate vicinity of your finger at high speed, but the blade itself is hidden by vegetables and difficult to see. This is pretty scary.

It’s not that you can’t use it, but if you’re too scared and the vegetables you have in your hand get smaller, you won’t be able to slice them. In that case, it took a lot of wasted time to cut the remaining large ones with a kitchen knife.

Hmmm, isn’t there a vegetable slicer that is safe and can be used by anyone, and that doesn’t arouse fear?

Absolutely safe! Not scary vegetable slicer
To solve this problem, I want a mechanism that allows slicing without touching the vegetables. In the first place, if you can cut without touching the vegetables, the blade will not touch your fingers.
When I searched for it in that direction, Toffy’s “Safety Push Slicer” looks good, doesn’t it? I came to the conclusion.

A general slicer is a “horizontal type” that is used by placing it horizontally on a desk, but this is a rare “vertical type”. It’s sliced ​​using the weight of the vegetables, so it seems that you can go to the end without touching even the vegetables. Oh yeah, I really wanted that.
When using, first insert the cutter parts from the slit on the side. There are 3 types of cutter parts. For flat cutting (2mm thickness / 4mm thickness) that allows You don’t have to think about things like “maybe the blade is approaching your finger? Maybe it’s dangerous the next time you go back and forth?”, Just unknowingly raise and lower the handle until you run out of vegetables.

At the end of slicing, when the vegetables get smaller, they become harder to slip off, and you may not be able to slice them well. Don’t worry even in such a case. When I inserted the special pusher into the throwing case and pushed the vegetables, I was able to safely slice to the end.
The flat-cut parts have a mechanism in which the thickness of the slice changes depending on the insertion direction (front and back). For example, for cucumber vinegar, a thin 2mm thickness seems to be crunchy, and for pork soup with carrots, a 4mm thick slice is suitable so that it will not crumble even when boiled.
After setting the cutter parts, just throw the vegetables into the throwing case, grab the handle on the back of the main unit and drop it down! Then, the built-in blade cuts down the vegetables and returns to the original position by the force of the spring.
By the way, it goes without saying that vegetables larger than the diameter of the input case cannot be physically sliced. It’s impossible to use cabbage and tomatoes.

Also, since the blade may lose, it is better not to cut frozen vegetables and fruits, those containing hard seeds, and those with high fiber such as burdock.

Refreshing food that survives the summer is super easy with a slicer!
By the way, what you can do with this slicer is that you can easily make refreshing and delicious dishes that can be swallowed even with a stomach that is tight due to hSprinkle this cold soup on white rice (either hot or cold rice is OK) and squeeze it in with all your might. Even when my stomach is tired and I don’t have an appetite, I can get in unexpectedly. Still, it is much more nourishing than somen noodles.
Next, I cut carrots and radishes using shredded / shredded parts. Just like the flat slices, you can cut the vegetables into small pieces just by moving the handle up and down.

Then, just soak it in a mixture of cooked vinegar such as sushi vinegar, pepper and bay leaf for about 30 minutes. This completes the transcendental easy pickles.

It’s usually a beer snack, and it’s perfect as a side dish to accompany. With a sweet and sour refreshing taste, you can expect an appetite-enhancing effect.

Places of concern for “Safety Push Slicer”
Speaking of concern, it’s definitely the size of the main body. It’s too big.

In order to store it, it is necessary to separate the main body / loading case / tray / 3 cutter parts / pusher, which are also bulky … It seems that it is quite difficult to, humidity and stress.

For example, for the cucumber slices that were mass-produced earlier, if you have tofu, canned tuna, mentsuyu, and sesame seeds, you can make a super-easy “chilled soup-like one” in 1 minute. By the way, it’s best to float ice and cool it down.

Vegetables slide down toward the blade due to their own weight, so just by pulling down the handle, the vegetables are sliced ​​and accumulated in the tray. Of course, the user does not touch the vegetables.

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