“Xperia 5 IV” breaking news with wireless charging and 5000mAh battery

On September 1, 2022, Sony announced that it will release the new smartphone model “Xperia 5 IV” after the beginning of the same month. It is the latest model of the popular series and is a high-end model equipped with “Snapdragon 8 Gen1”. Although it has a compact body, it has a built-in 5000mAh battery, making it one that further pursues the characteristic battery life. We have summarized the information of the global version that is known at this time.

The size of the “Xperia 5 IV” is about 67 (width) x 159 (height) x 8.2 (thickness) mm and weighs 172g. Compared to the previous model “Xperia 5 III”, the width and height were reduced by about 1mm, but the weight increased by about 4g. It continues to be equipped with an approximately 6.1-inch organic EL display that supports 120Hz drive, 240Hz touch sampling rate, and 2520 x 1080 full HD + display. As a new function and improvement, the maximum brightness has been improved by about 50%, and it supports “real-time HDR drive” that optimizes HDR video according to the viewing environment. In addition, the stereo speaker has been upgraded to a “full stage stereo speaker” with improved sound pressure and sound quality. The SoC is Snapdragon 8 Gen1, combined with 8GB of memory. Two models with storage capacity of 128GB and 258GB are available.
The side design has been changed from rounded to slightly edgy. As a result, the impression when you hold it in your hand is clearly different. It supports Qi standard wireless charging as an external interface. Although the installation of the FeliCa port is not specified, details will be known in the announcement of the communication carrier to be released.
The main camera is a triple camera that combines an ultra-wide-angle camera (focal length of 16 mm when converted to 35 mm), a wide-angle camera (24 mm), and a telephoto camera (60 mm). Both have about 12 million pixels. Both cameras support high-speed image readout of 120fps, and can shoot 4K 120fps high frame rate and slow motion video. The telephoto camera is not a periscope structure, but a normal structure in which the image sensor faces the subject, but this is a measure to interfere with the increased battery in the periscope structure. The front camera has also been enhanced from the conventional 8 million pixels to about 12 million pixels.

The three main cameras support eye AF and real-time tracking when shooting still images, and AE/AF linked continuous shooting at 20 frames per second. Autofocus has also been enhanced from object tracking to real-time tracking using AI, improving subject recognition ability. In addition, it supports eye AF and object tracking when shooting movies.

The battery capacity has been increased from 4500mAh of the previous model to 5000mAh. No metrics related to battery life have been released. The increase in capacity may be a countermeasure to the “Snapdragon 8 Gen1”, which consumes a lot of power. The “Xperia 5 III” had a good battery life, but I would like to expect this unit as well.

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