WWDC22, “iOS 16”, the lock screen that is the face of the iPhone is the biggest update in history

The United States Apple held the annual conference “WWDC22” for developers on June 6, 2022 (local time), and announced the next version of the basic software (OS) of “iPhone”
The biggest update ever to the iOS 16 lock screen
iOS 16 for the iPhone will have a major lock screen update. Previously, the lock screen was used to display photos, but it is now possible to add blur to photos and display them above the time, like the dial of the “Apple Watch”, as well as color filters and time. You can also edit the font of. With the addition of various information such as calendar, temperature, activity ring, battery level, alarm, etc., it is now possible to personalize more than ever. You can also create and switch between multiple lock screens.
Various notifications are displayed overlapping at the bottom of the lock screen, so that photos and information are not hidden. The “Live Activities API” will be provided for notifications that arrive in large numbers such as basketball scores. This is also a compact notification at the bottom of the lock screen, which allows you to keep track of match scores in real time, track Uber rides, and more.

The “concentrated mode” can be associated with the lock screen and linked with a specific centralized mode. Just swipe to the corresponding lock screen to enable centralized mode, which seems to be easier to use. In addition, a new “centralized mode filter” has been prepared, making it possible to display only content suitable for a specific centralized mode. For example, in centralized work mode, only websites related to work will be displayed. Not only Safari, but also messages, emails, and calendar appointments are filtered.

The iCloud Shared Photo Library will allow up to 6 users to share their photos. It seems to be useful for sharing photos with family in a separate library.

A post-send editing function is added to the “message”. There is a condition that I just sent it, but I am grateful that I can edit the message I sent by mistake. It is also possible to delete the message, and it can be said that there was no rant. It is also possible to unread the message, which seems to be useful when you want to check the message later.

You can capture information from everything from cameras to Safari screenshots, recognize it as text, and inspect the displayed image. iOS 16 also supports video, allowing you to pause at your favorite frame and manipulate text, just like a photo. It also adds the ability to translate passages and translate foreign languages.

In addition, for US users only, “Postpay with Apple Pay,” next-generation “CarPlay,” which creates a more unified and consistent experience, and Safari, which allows you to use the Internet more securely with a passkey. Many updates and new features will be added, including “Family Sharing,” which allows children to request extended screen times.

Compatible with iOS 16 iPhone is iPhone 8 or later.

“WatchOS 9” four new dials added
WatchOS 9 for the Apple Watch adds four new dials. “Astronomy” that displays star charts and current cloud data (previously reborn), “Luna” that expresses the relationship between Gregorian history and the solar calendar, and “Luna” in collaboration with artist Joi Fulton. “Playtime” and “Metropolitan” whose style changes when you turn the Digital Crown.
In a workout, you can create a “heart rate range”, monitor the intensity of the workout, and workout according to your own condition. For runners, new “running form indicators” such as “step length”, “ground contact time”, and “vertical movement” have been added, and more detailed data can be acquired to grasp long-term trends.

In terms of health, it will be possible to detect REM sleep, core sleep, and deep sleep as “sleep stages”. The ECG application and irregular heart rate notifications will help identify signs of atrial fibrillation and allow you to choose more information about your health. For users taking medicines, we will create a medication list, set schedules and reminders, and provide functions to prevent forgetting to take medicines.

watchOS 9 is available on iPhone 8 and later with iOS 16 and Apple Watch Series 4 and later paired with iPhone SE (2nd generation) and later.

Easy co-production of “iPad OS 16”
In addition to the same features and updates as iOS 16, iPad OS 16 for the iPad will include a weather app that takes full advantage of its large display. If it’s sunny, the bright sun will be animated, and if it’s pouring, heavy rain will be animated. You can also check detailed information by tapping. We will provide the Weather Kit for developers.

In Co-Production, when you send an invitation in a message, everyone in that thread is automatically added to the document or spreadsheet, and if someone makes a correction, the update appears at the top of the message. .. FaceTime calls can be started immediately. API is also provided.

The collaborative app that will be available later this year was introduced earlier this year. This is a function that displays the whiteboard with one tap from FaceTime calls, and can be used for various purposes such as brain streaming sessions, writing notes, sharing files, creating charts, and so on. When someone starts editing, a live cursor appears and you can see at a glance which location you are editing. Handwriting using Apple Pencil is also possible. Since it is a whiteboard, you can add various things such as images, videos, URLs, etc., and you can use it freely. It may be one of the iPad-like usages.

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