With the arrival of the mini LED & quantum dot boom, small organic EL and multiple speakers are also hot!

The flat-panel TV sales season in the summer of 2022 has finally begun. As usual, new flat-screen TVs will be announced one after another from April, products will be available in May, and flat-screen TVs will sell in the summer bonus sales season in June. To be honest, it’s too late to have the products available as of the end of the month.

In fact, this is due to the effects of China’s lockdown and global supply chain turmoil. Sony, which announced the summer model on June 10th, which is the latest, is in an abnormal situation where the release date is from July to November. On the other hand, if you look at the contents of the product, this year there are lots of stories such as mini LED, quantum dot, new panel of organic EL and 42V type small model. In this special feature, we have summarized the 2022 summer TV along with the latest trends. I would like you to use it as a reference when choosing a TV.
TVs equipped with “mini LED” & “quantum dot” are appearing one after another
When talking about trends in flat-screen TVs, especially LCD TVs, the hottest keywords this year are probably “mini LEDs” and “quantum dots.”

mini LED is a new technology that replaces the LED backlight, which is indispensable for LCD TVs, with hundreds to thousands of extremely small backlights. Since the size of each LED backlight is small, partial control of the backlight (local dimming) can be performed with very fine grain size, and the expressive power of black, which LCD TVs are not good at, is enhanced, and the LED of the backlight is used. The feature is that the total number of LEDs can be increased to increase the peak brightness of the entire screen.
Quantum Dot is a technology that converts the wavelength (color) of light by shining light on nano-sized particles. The colors that can be extracted can be controlled by the size of the particles, and red, green, and blue, which are the three primary colors of light, can be efficiently extracted, enabling display with high color purity.
As a summer 2022 model, LCD TVs with mini LEDs and quantum dots are Sony “BRAVIA X95K” series, TVS REGZA “REGZA Z875L” “Z870L” series, Hisense “U9H” series, LG Electronics “QNED85” series, TCL. The “C835” series will appear all at once. In addition, products equipped with only quantum dots, such as the TVS REGZA “REGZA Z770L” and “Z670L” series (scheduled to be released in August 2022), which combine quantum dots with ordinary LED backlights, have also appeared.

In fact, Sharp commercialized this mini LED and quantum dot as “AQUOS X LED” for the first time as a domestic TV maker in December 2021, and LG Electronics also developed “QNED Mini LED” in June 2021. .. That said, it’s been adopted by almost every major TV maker except Panasonic, and this year is likely to be a year of technological breakthroughs.
My evaluation of mini LED and quantum dots is that the screen is bright and vivid, but the expressive power of black is a little unsatisfactory, and it does not reach the high image quality of 4K OLED TVs. It is cheaper than 4K OLED TVs, and the high-end 4K LCD TVs, which compete for screen brightness, are justified. After that, the brightness potential of mini LEDs is high, but it is important for TVs to control to make the most of that potential, and quantum dots can be displayed extremely vividly, but TVs are required to be vivid and not too flashy. In the future, manufacturers will be required not only to have the topic of being equipped with the latest technology, but also to be good at using the latest technology.

Pay attention to the appearance of new panels for 4K OLED TVs. There is also a new option of 42V type small organic EL TV
New technologies are also appearing in 4K organic EL. It is the organic EL panel “QD-OLED” with a new structure installed in the “BRAVIA A95K” series released by Sony as the top model of the 4K organic EL TV in 2022.
“QD-OLED” is a contrast and color reproduction that reproduces colors by combining quantum dots with a single blue organic EL panel instead of the RGBW type organic EL panel used in conventional 4K organic EL TVs. It is a method that aims to get the best of both worlds. As far as I watched the demo, the brightness performance and color reproduction are very excellent. It is a 55V type and is a very expensive model with an estimated market price of around 473,000 yen, but it can be said to be a promising candidate for the highest image quality model.
Another notable news related to 4K OLED TVs is the addition of a 42V model as the smallest size of 4K OLED TVs. As of July 23, LG Electronics “OLED42C2PJA”, Sharp “AQUOS OLED 4T-C42EQ2”, and Sony “BRAVIA XRJ-42A90K” have been announced. I would also like to pay attention to it as an option for users who want high image quality even for small TVs and those who want a large desktop monitor for gaming.

Flat-screen TVs that support stereophonic sound and are equipped with multiple speakers are hot!
As a viewpoint other than image quality, recently, it supports stereophonic sound of flat-screen TVs, and it is not a virtual request like stereo speakers + Dolby Atmos, but it is equipped with real speakers on the screen and sideways, and it supports stereophonic sound with multiple speakers. I would like to note that the boom has begun.

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