Which is the most spicy No. 1 in the “Mokotanmen Nakamoto” collaboration !? Eat and compare 8 dishes from cups to frozen noodles

“Mokotanmen Nakamoto” (hereinafter referred to as “Nakamoto”) is a ramen shop that has many spicy parties. Recently, many collaboration products have been released, and their popularity has been solidified.

Among them, “Seven Premium” boasts a full lineup. This is a PB (private brand) of Seven & i Holdings, and you can buy it at Seven-Eleven and Ito-Yokado. Of course, it is also registered on Kakaku.com.

So, this time, we will compare the eight “Nakamoto” collaboration products that are available now, such as cup noodles and noodles without frozen soup. We will report with 3 star ratings (10 is MAX) of “spicy”, “umami” and “fragrance intensity”.
Speaking of “Nakamoto”, the image of “spicy” tends to come first, but it is not the only one. Every menu is spicy, but it’s good. Addicted people continue to enjoy the unique taste, and every store is lined up. Some regular customers eat every day.

Is the collaboration product bearing the name of “Nakamoto” able to reproduce the taste of the head family? This time, I prepared these 8 items.
All of them are made by Nissin Foods, the king of the instant food industry, so expectation is high! I will try it one by one. In addition, the star of the evaluation of each product is the value checked by adding about half of the attached “spicy oil”.
By the way, my resistance to spicy food is probably standard. At “Nakamoto”, you can just go to the standard “Mokotanmen (spicy level 5)” when you are invited by a person. When I’m weak, I eat “miso tanmen (spicy level 3)” and “salt tanmen (spicy level 0)”. Whether the tongue works normally until the end …
A cup with a high degree of perfection that expresses the uniqueness of “Nakamoto”
“Seven Premium Mokotanmen Nakamoto Spicy Miso 122g”
216 yen (tax included)
Thick and satisfying noodles like “Mokotanmen”, the signature menu of “Nakamoto”, and spicy soup. It also contains plenty of ingredients. With a content of 122g, it is 542kcal, which is slightly higher in calories than ordinary cup noodles.

The amount of vegetables is large, and the umami and sweetness are mellow. Personally, I think “Nakamoto” is not only spicy, but also excellent in its rich flavor as tanmen. It is a highly complete cup that expresses such “Nakamoto” character. I can’t recommend it to people who don’t like spiciness, but if you want to taste the orthodox type, this is the first place to go. If you do your best, you will be able to eat it somehow.

By the way, I didn’t try it this time, but the arrangement that adds natto is famous. Although the foods have strong claims, they are surprisingly nice combinations that complement each other.
Killing power, instantaneous power, and relentlessness are all violent!
(2) “Seven Premium Mokotanmen Nakamoto Arctic Ramen 117g”
224 yen (tax included)
Except for the limited menu, cup noodles that reproduce the hottest “Arctic ramen” in “Nakamoto”. Miso-based soup with a large amount of chili pepper and sesame seeds is often entwined with strong medium-thick straight noodles kneaded with garlic.

Compared to (1) “Spicy miso”, there is no tofu in it. Instead, there is plenty of crimson powder that seems to be a large amount of red pepper. In addition, it contains pork, bean sprouts, sesame seeds, fried garlic, and green onions.
What impressed me when I tried it was the merciless spiciness of the burning flames. In addition, the “sadistic scent” that you felt in (3) “Mala noodles without soup” will also attack. Somehow the edgy acidity will shine, and you will be able to eat it with a rough nose.

The attached “Gokuspicy Oil”, which is a powerful medicine from the naming, is a straight rampage type unlike the charred garlic type of “Seven Premium Mokotanmen Nakamoto Arctic Black Black Spicy Miso 111g” that was sold before. You can feel the umami that reminds you of Doubanjiang, but if you sharpen it like a knife with its “jagged heart-killing power”, everything you touch will “hurt”. Not to mention the instantaneous power, it’s a relentless spiciness that makes you want to rush in, “How long do you have left!”, So don’t suddenly put it in.
“Sadistic scent” and chewy texture are attacking!
“Seven Premium Mokotanmen Nakamoto Soupless Mala Noodles for 1 person (350g)”
321 yen (tax included)
“Malasinmen” is the only frozen noodle type this time, and it is an original menu that is not available in actual stores. It features a special “spicy mapo tofu” and flat noodles with a chewy texture, and it has a generous volume of 350g per meal.
The moment you open the bag, the “sadistic scent” attacks your nostrils. The spiciness is quite high, and a tingling lingering finish remains strongly in the mouth. If there is a lump of sauce left, it will hurt even more, so mix it well before eating. It would be scary to think that there was a lot of juice in this …

The chewy texture unique to frozen noodles is quite good! The horse of minced meat soaked in the taste of sauce is also a good impression. However, I thought it would be nice to have some more vegetables in it.
The taste of rice and the punch of garlic play a harmony
“Seven Premium Mokotanmen Nakamoto Spicy Rice 103g”
257 yen (tax included)
A masterpiece created by the development capabilities of Nissin Food Products, which also develops delicious cup-price products such as “curry meshi” and “bukkomi rice.” It is characterized by the spiciness of the chili extract and the soup that is punched with garlic.
As the sweetness of the rice is felt, the sharp spiciness that pierces the tongue is suppressed, and the overall taste is rich. Rice is not muddy like porridge, and you can enjoy a moderate graininess. I feel like I want some more vegetables, but I can eat them deliciously.

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