Which do you choose? Listen carefully and compare final complete wireless earphones “ZE2000” and “ZE3000”

Only the paint and coloring have changed, but the appearance of the earphone body and special case design is almost the same, and the installed driver unit has not changed, but the sound tuning has changed. Therefore, it is difficult for users to understand which product is the best to choose. Therefore, this time, while introducing the common features of “ZE2000” and “ZE3000”, focusing on the differences and individuality of each, “Which one is best for me? ” 
There is almost no hardware difference, but you can feel the difference in “timbre” due to tuning.
First, let me explain what they have in common. “ZE2000” and “ZE3000” are completely wireless earphones designed by final, which is famous as an audio manufacturer with a strong commitment to sound quality, based on the latest acoustic engineering and psychoacoustic research results. In order to give top priority to sound quality, a dedicated driver unit was developed from scratch, and the active noise canceling function and external sound capturing function were intentionally omitted, making it a product with a very stoic concept in a sense.

In fact, the newly designed driver unit “f-Core for Wireless” with integrated case is quite distinctive. The specs of a dynamic type with a diameter of 6 mm are common for a completely wireless earphone, but a special resin that has both lightness and hardness is used for the diaphragm, and a very flexible special silicone is selected for the edge. Although it has a 6mm aperture, it has a diaphragm area equivalent to that of a 9mm aperture. In addition, no adhesive is used to connect the special silicon edge and the diaphragm, and by performing thermocompression bonding, it is possible to reduce product variations and reduce weight. It is said that it contributes greatly to the reduction of sound distortion.
In addition, the inside of the housing is equipped with an “f-LINK damping” mechanism that optimizes the pressure of the acoustic space and enables acoustic design equivalent to wired earphones without venting to the outside of the housing. This makes it possible to properly control the low range, which was difficult to achieve completely, and achieves vocals with a sense of close distance and low-frequency expression with good texture. In fact, it can be said that this system makes sense not only for true wireless earphones, but also for earphones in general. Simply put, the part called the vent that optimizes the internal pressure is provided in the driver type and the part connected to the nozzle, so in terms of functionality (when installed) it prevents sound leakage and water intrusion. It’s becoming The waterproof performance of “ZE2000” and “ZE3000″ is numerically modest at IPX4, which is a very common level among the latest completely wireless earphones (but you don’t have to worry about sudden rain or a little sweat), but ” The fact that the sound quality is not sacrificed at all and that the sound leakage and drip-proof performance are firmly secured is a great point that contributes greatly in terms of usability.

Another common feature of the “ZE2000” and “ZE3000” that has been well received by users is the design of the earphone itself, which is comfortable to wear. This is the shape that is also used in the company’s wired earphones such as the “A8000” and “B series”. The perfect combination of comfort. Many general wireless earphones are held only by the ear tip, and if used for a long time, the ear canal may become painful, but the “ZE2000” and “ZE3000” are triangular. By distributing the pressure with a grounding point tied to the toe, it reduces the pressure on each while maintaining a firm hold. In fact, when I listened for a long time (about half a day) for this interview, there was almost no strain on my ears and I didn’t feel any fatigue at all. This alone is a big advantage.
Regarding the design, the accuracy of the touch operation is also a good impression. This is a simple story, the face plate part that performs touch operation has an angle, and only the narrow part of it can be operated, so you can accidentally touch it when wearing or removing, resulting in unintended operation. The chance of it happening is greatly reduced. It’s a small ingenuity, but it’s a very nice consideration mechanism for users.

In addition, the “ZE2000” and “ZE3000” have necessary and sufficient functionality, such as single ear mode, auto pairing, and a maximum playback time of 7 hours (up to 35 hours including a special case) with the earphone itself. It can be said that the functionality is satisfactory for those who do not absolutely need active noise canceling from an environmental point of view.

Now, let’s check the difference between “ZE2000” and “ZE3000” from here. First of all, regarding the appearance, the design is exactly the same. There is no difference in appearance between the earphone body, which is comfortable to wear, and the special case, which is relatively thin and fits well when held in the hand. However, the paint finish is slightly different, the “ZE3000” adopts a textured paint like a single-lens reflex camera, while the “ZE2000” has a matte paint finish. The “ZE3000” feels a little higher quality, but it’s just a personal preference. In addition, the color variations are slightly different, with matte black and ash gray for the “ZE2000” and black and white for the “ZE3000”. In particular, the ash gray color of the “ZE2000” had a favorable impression with its calming and unique exquisite hue.

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