What is your impression of the Fiat “500e”? ?? Acquired a different charm from 500

This time, I took a test drive on such a 500e, so I would like to review it. By the way, the grade lineup and price of the 500e are as follows, but all cars are sold only for leasing (the reason for leasing will be described later).
At first glance, it looks like “500”, but the details are better.
The exterior design of the 500e is the “500 (Cinquecento)” itself. If you look at the details, you will notice that it has changed, but the overall form is 500 no matter where you look.
There are two body variations, a 3-door hatchback (Pop, Icon grade) and a cabriolet (Open grade) equipped with an electric open / close soft top. By the way, the cabriolet is currently the only electric vehicle.

The body size is slightly larger, with a total length of 3,630 mm x total width of 1,685 mm x total height of 1,530 mm (500 is a total length of 3,570 mm x total width of 1,625 mm x total height of 1,515 mm). The wheelbase is 2,320mm (500 is 2,300mm).
The interior is playful, with a monogram seat skin with the FIAT logo, a smartphone tray with the cityscape of Turin, and the words “Made in Torino” and “Nuova 500” on the bottom of the door handle. A design is studded.

In addition, a 10.25-inch “Uconnect display” is arranged in the center of the instrument panel, enabling wireless connection to Apple CarPlay (also compatible with Android Auto’s wired connection), which is more convenient than the 500. ..
By the way, the powertrain of interest is equipped with an electric motor with a maximum output of 87kW (118ps) and a maximum torque of 220Nm. As for the battery, a 42kWh lithium-ion battery pack is placed under the floor, achieving a low center of gravity and excellent weight balance, and achieving a cruising range of up to 335km (WLTC mode) despite its compact size. Charging is compatible with normal charging for single-phase AC 200V, as well as quick charging via the included CHAdeMO adapter.

The 500e is equipped with an “EV mode selector” that allows you to select from three types of operation modes. “NORMAL” mode is a mode that allows you to drive with a natural driving feeling like a car with an engine, and in “RANGE” mode, the effect of regenerative braking becomes stronger, and strong deceleration as if you applied the brake just by releasing the accelerator pedal. can get. The “SHERPA” mode is a so-called eco-mode that maximizes the cruising range by suppressing energy consumption by controlling the accelerator response and turning off the seat heater.

Also interesting is that the 500e is particular about the sound of the Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS). The original sound by the Italian composer Nino Rota is adopted, and the approach of the vehicle is known by a pleasant melody. If you drive slowly, you can hear it faintly even in the car. Often, there are melody lines processed on the road surface in tourist spots, but you can hear it with such an image.

In addition, the 500e has a full range of safe driving support systems. “Collision damage mitigation brake” that can detect not only the preceding vehicle but also pedestrians and bicycles, “Lane departure warning” that calls attention with steering wheel vibration and warning sound when it is about to get out of the lane, “Rear parking camera (rear parking camera) “With steering interlocking guidelines)” and “Automatic High Beam” are standard equipment on all models.

Looking only at the price of the vehicle itself, it may seem a little expensive. However, when it comes to the actual total payment amount, there are various tax exemptions and tax reductions, such as being subject to the subsidy for promoting the introduction of clean energy vehicles (CEV subsidy). Since it varies depending on the region, it will be necessary to judge the amount based on those.

“500e” that gives off a completely different charm from “500” in running
This time, although it was a short time, I tried the advanced grade 500e Icon and 500e Open, so I would like to tell you the impression.
First of all, if you take a look around the 500e, you can see that it is designed while incorporating the 500 motifs really well. Along with capturing the silhouette well, the character line that goes around the car also strengthens that impression. The slightly modified headlights are half-hearted and charming. And the shape of the tail lamp seen from the rear also follows the design of 500 well.

When I got into the room, I got the impression that it was a little different from the 500. Not to mention the design, the quality is much higher than that, and the finish is like a premium compact. The use of body color for a part is the same as 500, but the rough fabric around the upper part of the instrument panel strengthens the impression.
When I turn on the power and start running, I am surprised that the ride quality is surprisingly calm. Normally, an electric vehicle has a heavy vehicle weight and a heavy battery is spread on the floor, so that the center of gravity is low. It is effective for handling, but depending on the finishing method, it tends to stiffen the suspension, resulting in a restless ride or a strangely stretched foot. But as far as the 500e is concerned, that was never the case. Due to the short wheelbase, it is easy to pick up small irregularities, but it does not have corners. This suggests that the rigidity of the entire body is high. In addition, although the lightness of the 500 was slightly diminished, the ride was even heavier.

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