What is the power of the topic “outdoor home appliances” !? Review of gas cookers, smartphone-linked grills, and tabletop smokers

Speaking of the fun of camping, it is probably “outdoor activities”.

Even if you just bake the meat, it is the “magical power” of the outdoors that doubles as usual and feels delicious. If you eat at a campsite with clear air, even white rice will feel more “feast” than usual.

However, “just grilling meat” and “cooking rice” require some technique if you want to do it well outdoors. So this time, let’s introduce the latest camping cooking appliances that enable easy and unsuccessful outdoor cooking without such techniques.
A smart grill that “burns well!”
A senior camper says, “Meat is generally good if you bake it over charcoal!” Is that true?

Even for free, it is difficult to adjust the heating power of charcoal fire, and the best baking and turning timing for the thickness of the meat cannot be grasped without a thorough experience. To tell the truth, grilling meat well over charcoal is extremely difficult.
Then, what to do is to use a grill that anyone can easily grill meat (and of course fish and vegetables).

Weber’s electric grill “Pulse 1000” is Japan’s first smart grill that can manage the heat according to the temperature and ingredients in the grill via Bluetooth from the smartphone’s dedicated app.
The dedicated app comes pre-installed with menus for each ingredient, so even people who have never cooked can proceed from preparation to baking while looking at the screen.

For example, regarding the residual heat that is important in grill cooking, if you first turn the dial to set it, you will be notified to your smartphone when the planned temperature is reached. You don’t need to hold your hand over the charcoal fire and measure the temperature with your intuition and experience.
Furthermore, by piercing the food with a probe (thermometer) connected to the main body, it is possible to control the temperature up to the center of the food.

Based on this temperature information, the best timing to turn over the meat and the notification of the baking will be notified to the smartphone, so even thick chunks of meat can always be optimally baked. No tips, experience or skills are required.

Of course, it is possible to set the degree of grilling of meat like rare or medium well-done, and the mistakes such as raw / charred that are common in barbecue cannot occur. It has already been confirmed that it will definitely be the best baked product.

I had the impression that the temperature of the electric grill would never rise, but the maximum temperature of the “Pulse 1000” was 316 ° C, which was almost the same as that of a stone oven. It can be cooked in a short time, so you can bake any ingredients without losing their flavor.

Above all, temperature control just by turning the dial is too easy! Once I remember this ease, I feel like I shouldn’t use it because it’s too troublesome to use charcoal fire.
By the way, since it is an electric grill, it is natural, but it cannot be used in places where electricity is not flowing. However, recently, power is being drawn to campsites, and compact outdoor generators are commonly used, so I think it is easier to use electrical appliances.
Cassette gas cooker that can cook the best rice outdoors
BBQ and beer in the wilderness is a “winner” guy, but I personally want white rice.

However, cooking rice with Mestin or Mess tin is the first and biggest barrier to outdoor cooking, and many mistakes occur before you get used to it.

So what if you don’t want to fail? The answer is simple. All you have to do is use a rice cooker.
Iwatani’s “HAN-go” is a rice cooker that uses cassette gas.

The only difference is that the thermal power resource is a cassette gas cylinder, and you can cook rice as if you were using an electric rice cooker at home. If you don’t make a mistake in watering, there is almost no chance of failure. In other words, anyone can cook delicious rice without any tips or experience in outdoor cooking.
To use it, first open the two-layered panel at the bottom of the main unit and load the gas cylinder with a click. If you’ve used a standard cassette gas stove, you’re probably out of luck.

Next, put the sharpened rice (washless rice is overwhelmingly easier in the open air) and water in the kettle at the top of the main body, and set the heat adjustment lever according to the amount of rice.
The top and bottom of the main body are combined and locked, and the gas main valve is opened. After that, when you push down the ignition lever, the gas will ignite with the sound of an electric spark.

If you can confirm the ignition from the peephole, the work is completed. In the case of Mestin rice cooking, I am busy adjusting the heat of the burner and keeping the fire from going out, but I just have to wait for “HAN-go”.

When it is cooked, the gas fire is automatically extinguished and the ignition lever returns to the “extinguished” position. Just steam it for about 15 minutes and you’re done.

As expected, the high heat of the gas heated it all at once, so the rice was glossy! Even if you deduct the impression of eating outdoors, it’s definitely better than the usual rice cooked in an ele
ctric rice cooker. By the way, since the firepower is stronger than the electric rice cooker, many restaurants use gas cookers.
The weight and size of the main body is about 5 kg, which is certainly a negative factor, but there is no problem if it is loaded in a car. In addition, since it can be used with a gas cylinder, it would be very helpful to have one at home even in the event of a disaster.

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