What is the new “PS Plus”? There is also a plan where you can play all-you-can-play masterpieces of the first PS and PSP

SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) announced that it will renew the flat-rate game service “PlayStation Plus” and develop it as a new service from June 2022. The new service has three plans with different prices, and the top two plans allow you to play a specific game as much as you want.
What is the new flat-rate service “PS Plus”?
After the renewal, “PS Plus” integrates the service content of “PlayStation Now” (PS Now), a flat-rate cloud gaming service that allows unlimited play of PS3 and PS4 games. Three plans with different prices are available.

PlayStation Plus Essential (PS Plus Essential)
“PS Plus Essential” is a plan that inherits the contents provided by the existing “PS Plus”. The following content is available:
・ Free play (two games can be downloaded every month at no additional cost)
・ Subscriber-only discount
・ Save data storage (cloud storage)
・ Online multiplayer

The usage fee is 1 month, 3 months, 12 months usage right is sold, and the price is as follows.
・ 1 month: 850 yen (tax included. Same below)
・ 3 months: 2,150 yen
・ 12 months: 5,143 yen

PlayStation Plus Extra (PS Plus Extra)
“PS Plus Extra” is a plan that allows you to download and play hundreds of PS4 / PS5 titles in addition to the service content of “PS Plus Essential”. At the moment, the details of the title have not been disclosed, but it is planned to provide hit titles of PlayStation Studios and each manufacturer. At the start of the service, we plan to offer “DEATH STRANDING,” “God of War,” “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales,” and “Returnal.” The service details are as follows.
・ All services included in “PS Plus Essential”
・ Unlimited play of hundreds of PS4 / PS5 titles (download)

The usage fee is as follows.
・ 1 month: 1,300 yen
・ 3 months: 3,600 yen
・ 12 months: 8,600 yen

PlayStation Plus Premium (PS Plus Premium) Plus Extra”. In addition to downloading and playing, it is also characterized by being able to play using cloud streaming. Cloud streaming is available on PS4, PS5 and PC. The details of the service are as follows.
・ All services included in “PS Plus Essential” and “PS Plus Extra”
・ Unlimited play (download & streaming) of up to 240 PS3 titles and classic titles of the original PS, PS2, and PSP
・ “PS Plus Extra” and “PS Plus Extra” The original PS, PS2, PSP and PS4 titles included in the PS Plus Premium service can be used by cloud streaming
・ Game trial before purchase (with play time limit)

The usage fee is as follows.
・ 1 month: 1,550 yen
・ 3 months: 4,300 yen
・ 12 months: 10,250 yen

In addition, for areas where “PS Now” is not currently provided, that is, areas where cloud streaming is not available, “PlayStation Plus Deluxe” is offered, which eliminates the use of cloud streaming from “PlayStation Plus Premium” and reduces the price. However, Japan is not included in this area. With the renewal in June 2022, the current “PS Now” will be integrated into the new “PS Plus”. Users who are currently using “PS Now” will be automatically transferred to “PS Plus Premium”.

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