What about the PS5 version of “Apex Legends”? I compared it with the PS4 Pro version

Electronic Arts’ battle royale game format FPS “Apex Legends” has finally released the PlayStation 5 version. In addition to visual enhancements such as 4K output and HDR support, higher shadow map resolution, and wider LOD distance, the PS5 version also supports full 60Hz gameplay. So, this time, I tried to verify the points that were strengthened compared to the PS4 Pro version by asking “What about the PS5 version Apex !?”

Let’s check the image quality related enhancement points first.

The PS5 version is 4K, so the graphics are depicted in more detail, centered on the objects. The outline of the object is clearly visible, and the texture of the rock surface is also realistic. The overall impression is that the clarity is greatly improved compared to the PS4 Pro version.
It is also noteworthy that the shadows are depicted more realistically, but are brighter due to HDR support.

Regarding distant objects, the difference between the two models is clear, and the image below shows the 301 carbine with a 1x horoscope attached, but the PS5 version has a clearer outline than the PS4 Pro version. It’s clear enough to understand. I felt that this had the advantage of making it easier to see enemies in the distance.
Regarding FPS, the PS4 Pro version is stable, but it often drops from 60 FPS to 40 FPS when many effects such as opening jumps and turbulent battles occur. However, the PS5 version was able to keep 58-60FPS from beginning to end, and I felt the benefit of full 60Hz output.

In addition to this, detailed graphic comparisons and points to note when migrating to the PS5 version “Apex Legends” are explained in the video at the beginning, so please check that as well.

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