[Video] Up to 20,000 yen reduction! Explain how to receive the second Myna Points and points to note

The national project “Minor Point 2nd”, where points worth up to 20,000 yen are returned, is being implemented. This is a business that targets everyone from children to seniors as long as they have a My Number card and cashless payment.

The breakdown of the 20,000 yen return is as follows:
(1) Obtain a My Number card, use the linked cashless payment, charge
up to 5,000 yen (equivalent to 25% of the usage and charge amount)
(2) Use the My Number card as a health insurance card 7,500
yen return
(3) Using my number card to register a public money receiving account
7,500 yen return
3 parts.
* If you have received a return of 5,000 yen in (1) in the first round of minor points, you will not be eligible in the second round.

This time, we will introduce how to apply for “Minor Points 2nd” in the video below.

[1] Overview of “Minor Point 2nd”
・What is the target cashless payment service?
・What is a new acquisition of My Number Card? (Maximum 5,000 yen return)
What is the application as a health insurance card? (7,500 yen return)
・What is public money receipt account registration? (7,500 yen reduction)

[2] Preparation before applying for “Mina Point 2nd”
・Obtain a My Number Card ・
Prepare the target smartphone or PC + card reader/writer at the time of application
・Confirm My Number Card password (4-digit number)
・Confirm cashless payment ID and security
code Confirm account information

[3] Demonstrate how to apply for “Mynapoint 2nd”
(1) Download the Minor Point app
(2) Enter your password and read your My Number card
(3) Select a campaign
(4) Select cashless payment and enter your ID and security code
(5) Use as a health insurance card Application
(6) Registration of public money receiving account
(7) Confirmation of application status

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