[Video] 5 “Geki Oshi Drivers” in the first half of 2022! If you want to hit the fairway, choose here!

From the drivers released in the first half of 2022, club fitter / writer Hayato Ogura will introduce 5 models of “Geki Drivers by Worries/Symptoms” in the video.

First of all, this model of Callaway “Rogue ST MAX Driver”
has high low spin performance and high flight distance, but it has strength against miss hits and was selected as a very well-balanced driver.
Another reason for the selection is that it can be used for a long time by any user.

If you look at the actual selling price of the “Rogue ST MAX Driver” on Kakaku.com, the model with the genuine shaft is about 60,000 yen. The genuine shaft is a shaft that can be used by intermediate and advanced players, so it is quite a bargain.

The popular spec on kakaku.com is “S・10.5°”. Models that combine a slightly stiffer shaft with an easy loft are gaining popularity.

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