Toyota’s new “Sienta” that follows the 5 number size is on sale! Playful and attractive interior and exterior design adopted

Toyota has fully remodeled the compact minivan “Sienta” and launched it on August 23, 2022.
The new 3rd generation Sienta has an easy-to-handle 5-number body size, just like the previous model, and further improves the comfort of the second row seats. In addition, changes have been made to the interior and exterior, and in particular, the exterior design has been devised so that the body does not look large. In this article, I would like to explain the charm and features of the new Sienta. First, the grade lineup and price of the new Sienta are as follows.
The first model of the Sienta was born in September 2003 as a compact body with a spacious interior and the convenience of a seven-passenger minivan.
It is said that successive generations of Sienta have consistently been close to Japanese families since the first generation, and have supported their lives by digging deeper into the changes in users’ values. Therefore, the development team of the new Sienta listened to the voices of many users again and searched for what they really wanted from the Sienta. And what we arrived at was to further refine the easy-to-use interior space from the first generation while maintaining the charm of easy-to-handle 5-number size, low fuel consumption, and affordable price range. The new Sienta has a spacious interior that comfortably accommodates seven adults without changing its overall length or width, as a car that is closer to users’ lifestyles than its predecessor. In addition, it has been redesigned by TNGA and adopts a powertrain that achieves both low fuel consumption and driving, and the latest safety equipment that supports family driving.

Conscious of the former “fun cargo”
The design concept of the new Sienta is “Shikakumaru”. By dropping the four corners of the body, it gives a rounded impression and makes the overall size look smaller. In addition, the exterior on the side creates a sense of spaciousness through the horizontal shoulder line. And by kicking up the bottom of the rearmost window, it is devised so that the body size does not feel large. For example, if you adopt a design that passes through the front and back while remaining horizontal, the car will look bigger. The car is large and it is devised so that it does not make you feel that it is difficult to drive.
Another thing that the designers put into the exterior design of the new Sienta is to create a “tool feeling” that can be used without hesitation. Specifically, protective moldings are placed on the fenders and sides to express the feeling of a tool, and also to create the effect of making the cabin look like it is mounted on a solid body. By the way, a slightly brighter black is used for the protection molding, but it is said that this was developed in consideration of not worrying about fading even if it is used for a long time. In the future, based on the opinions of users, we would like to incorporate playfulness, such as changing the protection mall to other colors.
In fact, the exterior design of the new Sienta has a part that seems to be conscious of the former Toyota “Fan Cargo”. That is the coloring of the B pillar. If you select khaki for the interior color, the B pillar will be the same color as the body. As a result, the image of a fun cargo that makes you feel the division between the space where people ride and the luggage compartment is followed.

Indoor space with playfulness
The interior has a horizontal tone and good visibility, realizing a spacious interior space. Like the exterior, the interior is also designed with Shikakumaru, such as door pockets and meters.
In addition, the door pockets and cup holders have pictograms that express what kind of things can be stored, and the design gives a sense of playfulness. By the way, functional parts such as cup holders are color-coded, so it is easy to notice when something is in it. In addition, convenience has been enhanced, such as the new model adopting many storage spaces that were said to be insufficient in the previous model.

Mr. Takaaki Kato, Chief of ZEV Design Group 3, Vision Design Department, Toyota Automobile Development Center, who was in charge of the design, said, “The new Sienta is not a temporary car. I wanted to create a car that people could drive even when they were in the car, and I think the new Sienta has that appeal.” The design has been designed to make you feel like new discoveries and attachments will be made by using it for a long time.

Regarding the colors for both the interior and exterior, he said, “I aimed for something with a little sense, not something that is gorgeous. Even in the room, you can feel the warmth of being wrapped up, and I was particular about the color design that combines functionality.” , Mr. Kaiyu Arata of Toyota Motor East Japan Design Department 1st Design Room commented.

In particular, the interior color of “khaki” is “Outdoor tools are made of materials and colors that do not stand out even with soil dirt, so we aim to use a color that matches even when such tools are loaded. For example, even if your dog jumps on it and lands on the dirt, it won’t be too noticeable.”

On the other hand, the interior color of “Fromage” uses bright colors for the door trim, making the interior space more comfortable. The gray all-fabric seat has a sofa-like image, and the piping gives it a living-like image. In addition, the Z grade has a specification in which the fabric is water-repellent.

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