Thorough comparison of 14 HG Gunpla from “Gelgoog”! What’s the difference? What is your recommendation?

Hello, this is Gunpla Mania Potch! This time, we will focus on the “Gelgoog” type Gunpla released in the HG series and examine the characteristics of each!

As many fans may know, let’s review the basic settings of “Gelgoog” first. “Gelgoog” is a mobile suit of the Principality of Zeon that appears in the first “Mobile Suit Gundam”. As part of the second main MS development plan, it has a history of being developed as a main machine to replace “Zaku II”. It is the first Zeon army to equip beam weapons as standard equipment, and the weapons are also “Beam Rifle” and “Beam Naginata”, and it is positioned as the latest MS mainly composed of beam weapons.

There are many variations of the aircraft in “Gelgoog”, and I think that “Gelgoog for Char” and “Gelgoog for Johnny Leiden” are famous, but when you hear “Marine”, “Jäger”, “Weltex”, “What is it?” I think there are many people who think, “What?” This time, I will explain it carefully!
Basic “Char’s Gelgoog” “Mass production type Gelgoog”
“Gelgoog for Char” has a blade antenna for commander aircraft on its head, and is characterized by being painted in red, which is a personal color. In terms of Gunpla, the “Char’s Gelgoog” was released in 2006, and the following year, 2007, the “Mass production type Gelgoog / Gelgoog Cannon” was released in the form of diverting the mold.
The only difference between “HGUC Char’s Gelgoog” and “Mass-produced Gelgoog” is basically the color, but as I briefly touched on in the comparison part of the head, “Mass-produced Gelgoog ” is a selection formula with “Gelgoog Cannon”. Kit . I will explain about that a little more.

Cospa is good !? “HGUC mass production type Gelgoog” is a selection formula with “Gelgoog Cannon”
The biggest feature of “HGUC 1/144 mass-produced Gelgoog / Gelgoog Cannon” is that it can reproduce two forms. Since it is a selection type, we will choose either one first and assemble .

“HGUC mass-produced Gelgoog / Gelgoog Cannon” is only 110 yen more expensive than “HGUC Char’s Gelgoog” for its advantageous content that can reproduce two forms, so it can be said that it is a Gunpla with excellent cost performance.

Surprisingly, the first release in the HGUC series was “Gelgoog Marine”.

“Gelgoog Marine” is the Zeon remnant “Gelgoog” that appears in the 1990 OVA “Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 STARDUST MEMORY”. It has been refurbished to “Marine Landing Party Specifications”, and the aircraft name is also taken from “Marine (Navy)”. Among the many “Gelgoog”, this kit was the first to be released as the HGUC series.

“Cima Custom” is also an aircraft that appears in “Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 STARDUST MEMORY”. It is a special machine of the female officer “Lt. Col. Cima Garahau” belonging to the “Principality of Zeon Assault Mobile Army”, and the color is painted purple and khaki. In addition, a head blade antenna and thrusters have been added, and it features four propellant tanks on the back.
There are many differences between “Gelgoog Marine” and “Cima Custom”, and not only the molding color but also the armor and armament are significantly different. By the way, the runner configuration is different from the “HGUC Char’s Gelgoog” introduced at the beginning, and there is no diversion from the same model.

These two are the oldest of the “Gelgoog” type Gunpla introduced this time, so there are many dissatisfaction points such as a narrow range of motion and many seams. From the current Gunpla perspective, it can be said that it is a kit “for modelers who can play with it to some extent”.

“Gelgoog J (Jäger)” designed for ace pilots
The “J” in “Gelgoog J” is read as “Jäger” and means “hunter” in German. This is a general-purpose mass-produced mobile suit of the Zeon army that appeared in “Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket”, the first OVA work in the Gundam series, and was produced only in small numbers for ace pilots. The “Shin Matsunaga exclusive machine” is a limited edition of “Premium Bandai”, and it is characterized by the fact that the molding color is changed and a marking sticker exclusively for Shin Matsunaga is attached.
Various “Gelgoog” have been released as “Premium Bandai” limited models
From here, as a bonus, I will take a quick look at the specification change model using the runner of “HGUC Char’s Gelgoog”. All of them were sold exclusively for “Premium Bandai”, so if you want to get them from now on, please be aware that you need to wait for resale or get them second hand!
Since there are a huge amount of settings in the Gundam world, it is interesting to investigate such a maniac “Gelgoog” and arrange it as a Gunpla.

Comparing 14 bodies this time, I was surprised again that this unique mobile suit called “Gelgoog”, which is different from “Zaku”, “Gouf” and “Dom”, is on sale in such a variation . In summary, the “Gelgoog” Gunpla available for general sale can be roughly divided into three types: “HGUC Char’s Gelgoog”, “HGUC Gelgoog Marine”, and “HGUC Gelgoog J”.

Excluding the limited edition products, the quality of “HGUC Char’s Gelgoog” or “Mass-produced Gelgoog / Gelgoog Cannon” is relatively high, partly due to the year of release. However, honestly, none of them are made in the latest format, so it seems that joint erasing (erasing the joints of parts with adhesive and file) etc. is necessary to get closer to the current Gunpla quality.

Among the Gelgoog introduced this time, my favorite Gunpla is the Zubari “HGUC mass-produced Gelgoog / Gelgoog Cannon” .

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