Thorough comparison of 1/144 scale Gunpla of “ν Gundam”! What is the power of the ENTRY GRADE version?

hello! It is a potch of Gunpla mania. The “ENTRY GRADE ν Gundam” released on April 9, 2022 does not require the familiar nippers, has good color coding, and has a wide range of movement, making it an ideal Gunpla for beginners.
This time, I would like to thoroughly compare and verify how the entry grade ν Gundam and the previously released “same 1/144 scale ν Gundam” are different!

For more information on the entry grade series, please see this article.
“Gundam model that does not require nippers !? Thorough verification of” ENTRY GRADE RX-78-2 Gundam “!”
First of all, to briefly summarize the impression of “ENTRY GRADE 1/144 ν Gundam”, it is a kind design that is safe for beginners and those who are thinking of returning to Gunpla, saying that “nippers are unnecessary and the color coding is excellent with the minimum number of parts” . The point that it is finished is mentioned. In particular, the color coding of the head and the parts division structure are amazing, the green part of the twin eyes is color coded with different parts, and there is no seam in the helmet part, so it is possible to assemble a high quality ν Gundam even with straight assembly. The biggest advantage is that you can do it. However, the weak point is that “fin funnel is not included” , which is the biggest feature of ν Gundam
Three people, three people! 1/144 ν Gundam Compare the main bodies of 3 machines up
This time, we will compare the “ENTRY GRADE ν Gundam” released in April 2022, the “HGUC ν Gundam” released in March 2008, and the “RG ν Gundam” released in August 2019. .. As for the 1/144 scale ν Gundam, the old kit “1/144 RX-93 ν Gundam” was released in 1987, and the “1/144 RX-93 ν Gundam (equipped with fin funnel)” was released in 1988. However, this time I excluded the old kit.
All ν Gundams have excellent heads, for example, even the HGUC version released in 2008 has a one-part helmet, which is a tremendous mold with no seams. .. Furthermore, the latest version of the ENTRY GRADE version does not use stickers for the twin eyes, and color coding is realized by dividing the parts. The RG version has a fairly stylish arrangement, and it has a small face and is characterized by the amount of mold that seems to be real grade and the color coding of Balkan.

I compared the main body up, but it is natural that the RG version is superior in terms of color coding, detail feeling, and movable range. However, the great thing is that the HGUC version released 14 years ago also has many points where the head has no seams, the shoulders are good at raising the shoulders, and there are many places where it is not defeated.

Is ENTRY GRADE a weak point in accessories? Compare armaments!
I knew before I bought the ENTRY GRADE version, but I miss the fact that “Fin Funnel”, “New Hyper Bazooka”, and “Beam Saber Blade Parts” are not included. From here, let’s compare the beam rifle and the shield.
In fact, the HGUC version of Fin Funnel can be ported!
ENTRY GRADE does not come with fins and funnels, but it can actually be ported from the HGUC version without modification. It is also compatible with New Hyper Bazooka, so if you like the fully equipped ν Gundam and want to build it around ENTRY GRADE, we recommend buying it together with HGUC ν Gundam.

It is a nice specification that you can enjoy porting from the HGUC version. By the way, even the same 1/144 scale does not support RG fins and funnels.

However, if you buy both ENTRY GRADE and HGUC and transplant them, HGUC’s ν Gundam is a waste, so I think it’s a undeniable choice to bring parts from others and customize them to your own original ν Gundam . Among them, I found a slightly interesting combination, so let me introduce it.
I installed the fin funnel of Fake New Weapons released in HG of “Gundam Build Divers Re: RISE” series. Originally, this is a custom part that reproduces “Fake ν Gundam” by equipping the separately sold Alscore Gundam with a fake new unit, but I think it would be interesting to bring it to the original ν Gundam. Since the size of the mounting base does not match slightly, small processing is required, but it can be mounted with a simple modification!
This time, when comparing the 1/144 scale “ENTRY GRADE ν Gundam”, “HGUC ν Gundam”, and “RG ν Gundam”, I thought that “Because it is RG, everything is the best!” Certainly, the amazing color coding, fine details, wide range of movement, etc. are outstanding, but for example, the HGUC version has the advantage that it is three-dimensionalized with a body shape balance and a face that is highly reproducible in the play. think. If you are looking for ν Gundam in that memorable movie, it is ant to choose the HGUC version, and the ENTRY GRADE version is exquisitely arranged in a “stylish figure that does not spoil the original image” like between the two. I think it has a nice line.
I think there are 3 bodies that are quite different from each other, so please choose “Your ideal ν Gundam”!

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