The world’s first 97-inch organic EL TV appeared

The world’s largest consumer electronics show “IFA” was held in Berlin, Germany from September 2nd to September 6th, 2022 (local time). Since the 2021 IFA was canceled due to the new coronavirus, it will be held as a real event for the first time in a while.

Unfortunately, I can’t cover the site, but I would like to introduce the new products announced at IFA. Prior to the event, LG Electronics made a product announcement. The 97-inch ultra-large organic EL TV “97G2” will be introduced to the global market. This is the world’s first ultra-large size organic EL TV, and detailed information such as the release date will be announced at a later date.
Since it is an overseas announcement, the release in Japan is undecided
Currently, the main lineup of 4K organic EL TVs is 55 and 65 inches. Focusing on them, we have expanded our lineup of “small” sizes such as 42 and 48 inches, and large size products such as 77 and 83 inches (88 inches also exists as a product that uses an 8K resolution panel).

This 97-inch model has joined it. The product that was announced at CES at the beginning of the year will finally be released. In addition, the “G2” series is a 4K organic EL TV that is being deployed in Japan, and three types of 55, 65, and 77 inches are on sale. Considering that the 83-inch model of the same series has not been released in Japan, it is unclear whether the “97G2” will be released in Japan. However, the fact that such a large organic EL TV has appeared in the general market is significant.
If TVs become larger, it will be possible to easily realize large screens with high resolution and high brightness.
The reason is that we believe that screen size is one of the important factors that make a difference in the degree of immersion when watching movies at home. Although it is just my experience, when the screen size is around 100 inches, watching a movie feels very extraordinary. Of course, even if the screen size is smaller than that, the larger the screen, the more extraordinary it will be. Even more so if you dim the lights in the room.

Until now, the only way to achieve a large screen of around 100 inches was to use a projector. Although the world of projectors is booming, the cost is enormous if you want to achieve the same level of resolution as a 4K organic EL TV. The price of the “97G2” is likely to be considerable, but I would like to welcome the increased options for realizing a large screen.

I don’t think 77-inch or larger TVs will physically fit into your home easily, but organic EL TVs have a future called “Rollable,” which allows you to roll up the screen like a screen. As of September 2022, LG Electronics is selling a product called “65R1” overseas, and the price is over 10 million yen in Japanese yen. Rollable OLED TVs may still be positioned as concept models, but we can’t help but expect a future where 97-inch rollable OLED TVs can be obtained at an affordable price if you work hard.

If you buy a high-end home projector and screen that focuses on image quality, the budget you need to prepare will easily exceed 1 million yen. Compared to that, it can be said that the introduction of large organic EL televisions is very “ant” even in the current situation (if physically allowed).

As mentioned above, we don’t know if the 97-inch TV will be released in Japan. However, I would like you to take this opportunity to look at large organic EL TVs such as 77 and 83 inches, not only as a display for everyday use, but also as an item that creates an extraordinary feeling.

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