The water bottle dries in a blink of an eye! “Bottle drying stick” saves time ♪

Hello, this is leaf of “Housework Savings Researcher”. It’s hot this year as well, so it’s essential to carry water in your own bottle or water bottle when you go out. However, the problem that occurs at the same time is that the washed water bottle does not dry easily . why? As much as I think, the water droplets are still attached forever … However, it was hygienic and I was in trouble to put in the next drink while it was still wet.

I found an item that could solve such a problem! I tried using it with the expectation that it would be good if the time could be shortened as much as possible.

Just put it in a wet water bottle! A stick that dries faster
This is the “Eco-Carat Bottle Drying Stick”.
Just put this stick in a wet water bottle and the water bottle dries quickly! According to the manufacturer’s experiment, the results of comparing the time from washing the water bottle to drying are as follows.

・ When the water bottle is turned upside down and dried normally → Drys in about 7 hours
・ When using the “Eco-Carat Bottle Drying Stick” → Drys in about 3 hours

It seems that it will lead to a considerable time saving!
The material of the main body is “ECOCARAT”. It is one of the humidity control wall materials called “porous ceramics” developed by LIXIL. “Eco-carat” is a material that absorbs / releases about 5 times as much water as diatomaceous earth and has a water absorption speed equal to or higher than that of diatomaceous earth. This “eco-carat bottle drying stick” is made by processing it into a stick that fits in a water bottle.

In the official experiment, we have achieved a reduction of 4 hours, but I would like to see it with my own eyes! I also tried to verify whether the water bottle dries quickly just by inserting this stick.

Effective in a water bottle that does not dry easily!
Wash two water bottles with water and dry one with the water bottle facing up. On the other hand, put a “bottle drying stick” and let it dry.
The size of the stick was perfect for a 500ml bottle. Since you can take it out by hooking your finger on the ring part of the silicone cover, it seems that you can use it even with a slightly deeper bottle.

Here is the state after about 3 hours.
When I was observing, there was a considerable difference in the dryness after about 2 hours. By the time 3 hours have passed, the bottle containing the stick is already dry. It took about an hour after this for the bottle without the stick to dry.
When I tried it with a bottle with a wide mouth, the result was that there was not much difference. Both dried in about 2 hours. It may have been a bottle that was originally easy to dry.

After that, as a result of trying with a stainless steel water bottle, it seems that the more the water bottle has a narrow mouth and an elongated shape, and it is hard to dry, the more effective it is. I think that the time that can be shortened depends on the type of bottle and the humidity of the day, but it was clearly possible to shorten it by 1 to 2 hours, if not 4 hours. In this case, the bottle I washed at night hasn’t dried slightly the next morning! It doesn’t seem to be the case.
It is easy to break, so handle it carefully.
One thing to keep in mind when using the “Eco-Carat Bottle Drying Stick” is that it is a fragile material. It comes with a silicone cover, but you need to be careful not to drop it.

The actual weight of the stick is about 68g. A slim type light plastic bottle will be a little less stable when you put the stick in the bottle. Be careful as the bottle may fall over and drop the stick on the floor if you accidentally hit it while it is drying. A stainless steel bottle with a high sense of stability can be used with peace of mind.

In addition, if you store it with cooking utensils, you may be worried that it will crack due to a sudden impact. It is recommended to use the loop of the silicone part to hook and store it by itself.

A strong ally in a short time!
When I used the “Eco-Carat Bottle Drying Stick” for a water bottle with a shape that is difficult to dry, I was surprised that the drying speed clearly increased. I want this for the number of people in my family.

By the way, the stick colors are “white”, “pink”, and “blue” ♪ I used “white”.

Not only in water bottles and my bottles, but also in the scene of drying barley tea pitchers at this time of year. If you are worried that the water bottle does not dry easily, please give it a try.

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