The ultimate Zubora home appliances! I tried using “My Ramen Pot” which can be eaten as it is by making bag noodles

Easy to make and long lasting hot!
Let’s actually make ramen.
The bag ramen was completed in no time without the hassle of transferring it to the bowl. It’s nice to be able to sit at the table and make it.

Zubora that can be made and eaten as it is is good
Even though the power is already turned off, it’s hot!

You can eat it hot for quite a long time because you eat it directly from the pot that was boiled up until a while ago and it has a heat insulating structure with high heat retention. Be careful of people with cat tongues!
If you want to enjoy soup in this pot, a lotus is a must (washing, though it will increase).

By the way, although this is called “My Ramen Pot”, it can also be used for cooking other than ramen.
It’s a dish that feels like it’s finished as a person, but it’s nice to be able to decide on a combo of ramen → porridge without moving from the spot.

This “my ramen pot” is NG for stir-fried foods and fried foods, but it can be used for simmered foods, pots, oden, etc.

If it was Zubora curry that you put the ingredients in hot water without frying, you could easily make it with “My Ramen Pot”. Since the firepower is similar to that of a gas stove, I didn’t have the impression that it would take a long time.
It’s the right size to make the amount for one person, so it seems to be useful for one person’s curry and one person’s hot pot.

Perfect for Zubora’s living alone
Easy to wash after use!
Washing is about this plus chopsticks and renge (spoon for curry). Compared to using a pot and bowl normally, the simple number of items to wash does not change, but the lid is not so dirty, so it is lighter for work.

Power consumption is 800W. It takes 6 minutes to boil with the heat of MAX, 3 minutes to boil the noodles, and then the power is turned off, so even if you use it for about 10 minutes once, it will be about 3.5 yen (electric energy charge per 1kWh is 27 yen) Calculated by).
Anyway, since you can make it on the table and eat it as it is, even people who have entered the troublesome mode can do this much cooking !? Cooking → People living alone who want to finish the meal with the minimum effort It was a cooking appliance that could be a savior!

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