The trekking shoes “Air Marda”, which was extremely popular when “Nike ACG” was launched, are reprinted!

“ACG”, which started as Nike’s outdoor category in 1989, is a series derived from the initials of “All Conditions Gear”. It was a novel attempt at that time to develop outdoor fashion with the know-how and technology cultivated from support for various sports as the backbone. After that, in the 1990s, an outdoor boom broke out, and riding the wave gained tremendous trust. Nowadays, it is widely used as a must-have brand in outdoor fashion and activities.

From such “ACG”, a reprint of the famous trekking shoes “Nike ACG Air Mada” that appeared in 1994 has been released.
Lightweight and supple upper usage is irresistible!
The Nike ACG Air Mada has won tremendous support from many hikers for its lightness and durability that you wouldn’t expect from a trekking shoe. The design was done by Tinker Hatfield, a designer who has created a variety of masterpieces, from the “Nike His Waffle Trainer” to the “Nike Air Max” series. His design, which can be called the royal road of Nike, can be said to be one of the factors that attracted many fans with “Nike ACG Air Mada”. This model faithfully reproduces the form and details of such an original model. It’s simple and classic, yet it has great functionality.

Contrary to the light comfort, it also demonstrates a certain grip!
At the time of release, the original model was given the catch phrase “SLEEK, NIMBLE, FRIENDLYAND HAVE BIG SHARP TEETH = supple, quick, gentle, and has large, sharp teeth.” Not only the lightweight and supple upper, but also the specifications of the sole that realizes excellent grip and light cushioning are the points.
“Nike ACG Air Mada” has a voluminous form and the details that are typical of the 1990s are very attractive. Boasting a light comfort that you can not think of as trekking shoes, it supports a wide range of trails from ups and downs to the usual streets. As we enter the holiday season suitable for camping and outdoor activities such as Golden Week, it is a pair that should definitely be included in the choice of shoes for outdoor play!

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