“The strongest Corolla” 2-seater GR Corolla “Morizo ​​Edition” and “RZ” will be released in Japan in 2022

On June 1, 2022, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing unveiled the “GR Corolla RZ” and “GR Corolla Morizou Edition” for the first time in the world.
The GR Corolla RZ is a 4WD sports car with various tunings such as increased engine output and enhanced body rigidity from the base car “Corolla Sport”, and will be released in Japan from the fall of 2022.

On the other hand, the GR Corolla Morizou Edition (hereinafter referred to as the Morizou Edition) is for circuits that has been made lighter than the GR Corolla RZ by further increasing engine torque, improving vehicle body rigidity, and eliminating the rear seats to make it a two-seater. It is a specification of. The Morizou Edition is scheduled to be released in a limited number from the winter of 2022, and the reservation lottery will start in the fall of 2022.

The engine (turbo gasoline car) installed in the Corolla Sport, which is the base model of the GR Corolla, is a 1.2L in-line 4-cylinder turbo engine with a maximum output of 85kW (116ps) and a maximum torque of 185N ・ m (18.9kg ・ m). )become. However, the GR Corolla is equipped with the same 1.6L in-line 3-cylinder intercooler turbo engine (G16E-GTS) as the “GR Yaris RZ”, and the maximum output is 224kW (304ps), which is 24kW (32ps) higher than the GR Yaris. The torque is the same as the GR Yaris RZ, 370N ・ m (37.7kgf ・ m). In addition, the maximum torque of the Morizou Edition has been increased to 400N ・ m (40.8kgf ・ m). The comparison of the maximum output and maximum torque of each model is described below for your reference.
The GR Yaris has already achieved a considerably high power of 200kW (272ps) at 1.6 liters, but why was the GR Corolla further powered up by 24kW (32ps)? Regarding that, Mr. Naoyuki Sakamoto, GR Corolla’s chief engineer, says that there was a time when a big change was forced at the development stage. Actually, it seems that it was originally planned to start up at the same 200kW (272ps) as the GR Yaris, but Mr. Morizou (President Toyoda) who got on the GR Corolla prototype car loaded with the GR Yaris engine said, “The wild taste is enough. There is no such thing. ”

Regarding this, Hiroaki Ishiura, a TOYOTA GAZOO RACING driver who has also been involved in the development of the GR Corolla, seems to have the same opinion. To be honest, I felt that the first acceleration feeling when I loaded it was a little lacking. ” And from there, the full-scale development of GR Corolla started. In 2021, Toyota entered the Corolla Sport equipped with a hydrogen engine in Super Taikyu, but in fact, the contents of this Corolla Sport are said to have used many GR Corolla parts including the engine, so in the race It is said that the technology cultivated is being fed back to the GR Corolla this time.
Also, by increasing the output of the engine, it is necessary to strengthen and improve various parts, one of which is the three-piece muffler. According to Mr. Sakamoto, at the beginning, there were two mufflers, and a muffler that met the regulations of mass-produced cars was installed, but with that, the exhaust pressure was too strong and power did not come out. Therefore, after worrying about it, it was decided to open it when idling and reaching the maximum output in order to clear the noise regulation.
Regarding the body size, comparing the values ​​of GR Corolla and Corolla Sport, the total length, width and height are not so different, and the wheelbase values ​​are the same, but the tread width is wider for GR Corolla both front and rear. High turning performance is achieved by making the front and rear fenders both about 30mm wide tread on one side. By the way, the wheel base with the same value as the Corolla Sport is the longest GR Corolla in the GR series such as GR Supra, GR86, GR Yaris. Regarding the reason, Mr. Sakamoto said, “For example, GR Yaris is active in dirt races, gymkhana, rallies, etc. by making use of its lightweight and compact body, but it is not interesting to aim for the same place with the Corolla. I thought about making a car that takes advantage of the stability and stability that the Corolla’s long wheelbase creates. ”

In addition, GR Corolla has enhanced body rigidity, increased the number of spot welds by 349 points compared to Corolla Sport, and applied 2.7 m more structural adhesive. In addition, improvements such as the addition of four new braces have been made.
And in the Morizou Edition, compared to the GR Corolla, the weight has been reduced by about 30kg by removing the rear seat. Also, by increasing the maximum torque of the engine from 370Nm to 400Nm, the torque in the middle rpm range is increased. The transmission is the specification itself that was loaded on the Corolla of the hydrogen engine, and the 1st to 3rd gears have a cross gear ratio, and the differential gear has been changed to a low gear, so the engine torque has increased and it accelerates from anywhere. It is said that the car is finished so that it can be done.

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