The result of buying a cheap gaming monitor for about 25,000 yen for PS5

In order to enjoy the performance of PS5, especially the performance on the video side, a display (monitor) or TV that supports the video output specifications of PS5 is an indispensable item.

I was lucky enough to get the PS5, but after spending a lot of time choosing a monitor for the PS5, I finally bought the monitor I was looking for. Your daily game life has become more satisfying. So, this time, I will explain the points necessary for choosing a PS5 monitor and the process of purchasing a cheap gaming monitor of about 25,000 yen based on that. Like the author, I hope it will be a guide for those who are having trouble choosing a PS5 monitor.
Points when choosing a monitor for PS5
The first thing people who buy a PS5 think is “I want to play games with beautiful graphics.” 8K output, 4K / 120Hz output, HDR, and other beautiful video experiences that could only be experienced on a PC before can now be experienced on the PS5 home video game console, which feels the evolution of game consoles. It is a point.

However, in order to fully experience the PS5 graphics, you need a monitor or TV with the appropriate specifications. Specifically, the factors include being equipped with an “HDMI 2.1” port that supports 8K & 4K / 120Hz output, being HDR compatible, and being a model equipped with organic EL.

If you want to enjoy the PS5 in the best environment, you can buy a monitor or TV that supports all of the above functions, but models that support all the functions are prepared to spend at least 200,000 yen. Must be. In particular, most TVs and monitors equipped with organic EL displays are expensive and large.

So when you buy a monitor or TV for your PS5, you’ll have to think about the balance between what you’re looking for and your budget.

In my case, I was like, “I want to enjoy PS5 4K and HDR video for the time being, and hopefully I want to play games at 120Hz.” I want 8K and OLED in the future, but considering the price etc., I will have no choice but to give up.

Once you’ve narrowed down the features you need, all you have to do is look for your monitor. While suppressing functions such as 4K, HDR, 120Hz input support, other conditions must be met. Since it will be installed on the desk this time, the screen size is 23 to 27 inches, and since I want to use it for work such as writing sentences and image editing, I adopt IPS LCD, install two or more HDMI ports for PS5 and notebook PC, and use headphones. Therefore, there is no need for a built-in speaker.

If you look for a model that meets these criteria, you’ll definitely end up with a gaming monitor. However, the model that supports 4K and supports input of 120Hz or higher does not match my budget or usage, with the price starting from about 100,000 yen. In rare cases, there are cheap models, but even if you say 4K / 120Hz output, it is necessary to note that only Display Port that PS5 can not connect is compatible with output. If you want to enjoy 4K / 120Hz on PS5, you need to install “HDMI 2.1” port.
So, I have to give up something else, but this is the point. Perhaps many people are wondering whether to take a 4K / 60Hz input or a Full HD / 120Hz input. By the way, PS5 does not support native WQHD (1440p, so-called 2K) display, so this time we are using full HD / 120Hz input as a condition. There is a lot of information that the PS5 was actually displayed on a 4K downscale by connecting it to a WQHD monitor, but I’m scared if I couldn’t display it …

With 4K / 60Hz input, there are various products even if it is not a gaming monitor, and the price is mainly in the 30,000 to 50,000 yen range. When it comes to full HD / 120Hz input, all you need is an HDMI port that supports HDMI 1.3 and above, so you have a lot of options. Also, as a matter of course, the price of a monitor with full HD / 120Hz input is cheaper, starting from the 20,000 yen level. If you choose a monitor for general use instead of a gaming monitor, choose one with a response speed of at least 5ms. If you’re not sure about your monitor’s specs, it’s safer to choose from gaming monitors that are tuned for your game.

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