“The power of the wind” improves the taste! I’ve eaten rice cooked with Tiger “Clay pot rice foam cooked JPL-S100”

I saw the top model “JPL-S100″ of Tiger’s pressure IH rice cooker ” clay pot and bubble fire cooking” series released on July 21, 2022 at a media experience event! In order to keep the “ideal heating power” while cooking rice, this product has adopted a new technology called “continuous non-stop heating”, which is a major evolutionary point. I will report the details and the taste of the cooked rice.
It’s delicious because it’s cooked in a clay pot! Tiger rice cooker “Cooking with foam”
JPL-S100, which uses a “mainland pot” made from the traditional craft “Banko ware” from Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, for the inner pot, can be cooked with a large heat of about 280 ° C. This is possible because it is a clay pot with high heat storage. Compared to the company’s metal kettle, the metal kettle has a low heat storage property and the temperature escapes to the outside, so the temperature at the bottom of the kettle is only about 130 ° C. Although it is the temperature of the bottom of the pot, it is clear that there will be a difference in the cooked rice because that temperature is transmitted to the entire inner pot and heated. In addition, the radiant heat of the clay pot, which has a high far-infrared effect, reaches the core of the rice and brings out the sweetness and umami.\
In addition, the bubbles generated during the cooking process are unique to clay pots. Compared to a general metal kettle, the bubbles are finer and the amount is larger, so the bubbles enter between each grain of rice and act like a cushion, preventing the rice from colliding with each other and being damaged. The video below is a picture of the inside of the inner pot while cooking rice with JPL-S100. It is in a state where water absorption is finished and it is time to cook, but a large amount of fine bubbles are generated. By cooking while protecting the rice with foam, it is possible to prevent the outflow of starch, which is an umami ingredient, and the plump rice is cooked.
New technology “continuous non-stop heating” keeps “ideal thermal power” for a long time
From here, let’s take a look at the evolution of JPL-S100. The JPL type, which is the highest model of “Clay pot goblin fire cooking”, has a “multi-step pressure mechanism” that gently changes the temperature (pressure) step by step while keeping a high temperature in the steaming process, and outside air. The new model “JPL-S100” was equipped with finishing-stage functions that enhance the deliciousness of rice, such as the “tension pump” that takes in and releases excess steam to the outside to control moisture. A new feature has been added to extend maximum firepower. According to the person in charge of the manufacturer, he wanted to keep the temperature of about 106 ° C (1.25 atm) at the time of cooking for a little longer, but he lowered the temperature (pressure) on the way to prevent spillage. That’s right. This is unavoidable with a rice cooker, but JPL-S100 solves this problem with the power of the wind. A new duct has been added to the “Hari Tsuya Pump” to send air to the place where bubbles are received during boiling, and to suppress the bubbles. With this new function “continuous non-stop heating”, it seems that the time to maintain about 106 ° C when cooking has reached the goal of Tiger.
Due to the high heat generated by the main clay pot and the “continuous non-stop heating” that prevents spills, the sweetness of the cooked rice is about 17% and the stickiness is about 3 times higher than the conventional model.
Pursuing the deliciousness of heat insulation and small amount cooking, consideration for ease of use is perfect
In addition, it inherits the popular functions and structure of the conventional model. After the rice is cooked, it is equipped with “Ohitsu Insulation” that reduces the stickiness of the rice by taking in the outside air with the “Hari Tsuya Pump” and releasing heat and steam to the outside and keeping it warm at the optimum humidity. Because it is, you can eat warm rice deliciously. In addition, by this heat insu
lation method, the odor of rice that was kept warm for 12 hours was reduced by about 22% and the yellowing was reduced by about 19% compared to the conventional model. In addition, it is equipped with the industry’s largest number of 70 brands of rice, “Brand Skillful Cooking”, and “Ichigo Ryotei Cooking”, which allows you to cook deliciously even with one set (0.5 go).
A middle class model that is particular about the heat insulation program is also available
As a middle class model of the series, the “JPV-A” series, which is particular about the deliciousness of warm rice, is also newly introduced. The material “heat cut powder” that enhances heat storage and the inner pot “far-red 5-layer clay pot heat storage coat pot” with a clay pot coating that has a far-infrared effect are used. Equipped with a new rice cooking program “Tasty grain standing rice cooking program” that refers to the temperature control of the clay pot, it absorbs water for a long time at a slightly lower temperature than the conventional model, and then rapidly raises the temperature of rice. Brings out the sweetness and cooks elastic and plump rice.
And, when the JPV-A series is particular about heat insulation, the “grainy heat insulation program” is activated. In general, heat insulation in a rice cooker is performed several times to raise the temperature inside the chamber to prevent the growth of bacteria, but the graininess heat insulation program is the temperature at the time of temperature rise and normal time.

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