The popular New Balance “M2002R” has greatly enhanced functionality with “GORE-TEX”!

New Balance’s “Made in USA” is a high-end line that focuses on high quality, such as using carefully selected materials and producing each pair by hand. The 2002 was released in 2010 as its flagship model. It is a model that follows the flow of the “1000 series” that develops models equipped with the latest technology for each era, and has gained tremendous popularity due to its voluminous form and excellent comfort.

While inheriting the silhouette of “2002”, a reprint version updated with a high-spec sole unit was released in 2020 and was a big hit! By the way, one of the reasons for the success of the reprint is that it was set at a reasonable price compared to the original model because of the adoption of “Asian maid”.

Since the first reprint edition, various versions such as material arrangement versions have appeared, but this season also has a new version that deserves attention. That is this, “M2002RX A”.
Greatly enhanced functionality with Gore-Tex!
The upper unit can be said to be a characteristic detail of this work. While inheriting the original voluminous silhouette, the lining is equipped with “GORE-TEX” to improve waterproof and moisture permeability. Another thing worth noting is the aging process. Both the upper and sole have been cleverly reproduced with a texture that looks like they have been rubbed, adding a vintage feel.
Hybrid sole for updated comfort!
Another noteworthy detail of the “M2002RX A” is the high-performance sole unit. Adopted a hybrid sole that combines “N-ERGY” and “ABZORB” similar to the performance running shoes “M860 v2” that appeared in 2011. It exhibits high shock absorption and resilience, and the comfort level has been greatly improved.
With a gimmick that adds a bit, make a difference from the surroundings!
The “M2002RX A” is attractive with its high-tech design, which is different from the 1990s, and the excellent functionality of “Gore-Tex”. Furthermore, by installing “Gore-Tex”, a sense of gear is added, tickling the hearts of boys who like sneakers. By the way, this season, “M2002R” is said to be the No. 1 shoe with the approval rating of advanced fashionistas. With this product seasoned with “Gore-Tex”, it is not only comfortable for outdoor scenes such as music festivals, but it is sure to be recognized as a fashion master!

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