“The North Face” sleeveless shirt is so convenient that I want a second one!

This model is a running wear that uses eco-friendly recycled polyester thread, and features a smooth and refreshing feel. It has excellent sweat absorption and quick drying properties, and is suitable for running scenes where you sweat a lot.
Mix crew neck and sleeveless design!
The North Face’s “Free Run Collection” has a versatile lineup that can be used for everything from lifestyle scenes to all kinds of activities. A collection of Since its debut in 2021, it has produced many products with good sales.

The “Sleeveless Free Run Basic Crew” introduced this time also provides a comfortable fit even in the hot and humid Japanese summer. The silhouette has a slightly loose fit and adopts an electrostatic care design that suppresses the generation of static electricity. It can be used widely as daily active wear. It is a particularly popular item in the collection due to its affordable price.
“Sleeveless Free Run Basic Crew” is, as the name suggests, a top that combines a crew neck, that is, a round neck and a sleeveless design. Recycled polyester is used for the fabric, and “flash dry technology” is used to keep the skin surface dry with a coarsely knitted water absorption layer, absorb sweat with a moisture absorption and release layer, and diffuse it further with a diffusion layer. It is smooth and comfortable to wear, and it can be expected that it will be active in sports scenes such as running.

When I actually started running, it was a day over 30 degrees Celsius, so I was sweating profusely, but it absorbed sweat faster than the standard sweat-absorbing and quick-drying material and discharged it to the outside. The appearance has a casual atmosphere, so it can be used in the lifestyle scene, but the functionality as running wear is not compromised at all. It also dries quickly after washing, so in the summer, you can wash it in the daytime and wear it in the evening on the same day. I bought it on June 30th, but since then, I have already worn it 8 times, and it has already become my favorite top.
[Summary] I liked it so much that I decided to buy the second one…
From the above, it was found that the “Sleeveless Free Run Basic Crew” is a convenient item that can be used for everything from casual scenes to various activities. Not only can it be worn alone, but it is also perfect as an inner layer for collared shirts.

The one I purchased was an olive-colored model named “New Tope.” This is so convenient that I thought about purchasing either “white” or “black”, but many shops, including Goldwin’s official online store, are out of stock. This item is likely to be in high demand from users. I was reminded once again that not only this item but other popular The North Face products tend to run out and be missed if you don’t make a quick decision when you’re interested.

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