The long-awaited full model change of the HOKA “Bondai” series, which boasts the highest level of cushioning!

HOKA’s running shoes “BONDI” are the most cushioned series in the company’s lineup. Its outstanding cushioning performance has gained support from runners of all levels and types, but this season, the long-awaited full model change was carried out, and the eighth edition “Bondi 8” appeared. The midsole uses a foam that is softer and lighter than the previous model, and has been updated with a new extended heel design to ensure excellent running performance in total balance.
Driving performance is improved while maintaining high functionality!
HOKA has a lineup of many models that have a reputation for their shock absorption performance, as they advocate “marshmallow cushioning”. Among the on-road running models, the maximum volume cushion, that is, the thickest and most cushioning series, is “Bondai”. By adopting an extra-thick midsole, this series has maintained high popularity worldwide because runners who are worried about their knees and hips can enjoy running with peace of mind.

The “Bondi 8” announced this season has succeeded in improving driving performance while maintaining the high functionality cultivated so far. The upper uses an engineered mesh upper that provides both breathability and comfort.
The shoe tongue uses an inside gusset tongue that fixes only the inside, providing both a high fit and less pressure. In addition, the redesigned “PROFLY structure” midsole uses a lighter and more elastic foam than the previous model, and the outsole using “Durabrasion Rubber” with excellent wear resistance has been made lighter. In order to achieve this, rubber is placed only where it is particularly necessary. In addition, the wavy crash pad in the heel area provides a surprisingly soft and well-balanced ride from heel landing to kicking off.
Versatility is comparable to the “Clifton” series!
When I first picked it up, it felt lighter than I imagined from its voluminous appearance. The measured value is 296g for size US8 (26.0cm). Considering that until recently it was not uncommon for running shoes that emphasized cushioning and stability to weigh slightly over 300g, this figure is by no means heavy.

When you put your feet in, it feels so light that you think, “Was ‘Bondi’ so light?” By the way, the weight of the successive models of the same series, size US 9, is 4 (297g) / 5 (283g) / 6 (310g) / 7 (298g) / 8 (307g), according to data from a well-known running specialty store in the United States. ), but when I tried it on, I felt that this model was the lightest. The main reason for this is that the fit of the upper has greatly improved from the previous model.

When you actually start running, you will find that the series of movements from landing to kicking is smoother than the previous model, while maintaining high cushioning and landing stability, making it easier to increase your pace. I ran a total of 3 times, a 3.3km test run at a media event for this model and a 6km run as a daily routine. And while the conventional “Bondi” series has a thick midsole, there was an impression that people who wear it choose, but this “Bondi 8” is an easy-to-use pair that matches all types of runners. I thought it was finished. The “Clifton” series can be said to be the most versatile on-road model in HOKA, but as far as this “Bondi 8” is concerned, its versatility is comparable to the “Clifton” series. I thought.
[Summary] Possibility of recording more sales than the conventional model Ali!
Speaking of the “Bondi” series, it is a product that represents HOKA’s road running. There are more than a few runners who are iconic. Personally, I have worn several variations so far and have experienced its outstanding cushioning performance.

On the other hand, there were quite a few runners who said, “It’s good to run slowly, but it’s hard to increase the pace. The Bondi 8 is not only perfect for slowing down, but it’s also great for picking up the pace. The range of compatible runners is clearly wider than the conventional “Bondai” series. For this reason, there is a possibility that this model change will record more sales than the previous model, but the price setting of 23,100 yen is not cheap as a running shoe, so I really want to try “Bondi 8”. However, some runners may choose the Clifton 8 or Arahi 6 because of the price.

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