The “EQT93 sandals” from Adidas, which are “five birds with one stone”, are easy to use!

This serialization “Daddy’s Sneaker” is a project to search for sneakers that can really be used by dads in their 30s and 40s. The average dads of the same generation here are defined as follows.

・I go to work in a suit on weekdays. On holidays, people tend to wear fast brands all over their bodies to make it feel safe.
・When going out on holidays, take your family and children to a park or a local shopping mall.

The following three points should be kept in mind by such dads when choosing sneakers.

・A design that does not float in your daily life・
Functionality that allows you to run around with your child in the park

What is derived from the above conditions is “a standard that transcends trends.” When you put it on, you can’t help but feel the tension rise, but it doesn’t float. Here, we introduce the recommended models and how to wear them.
Well, the world is in summer vacation mode, but the summer of 2022 is going to be extremely hot, so we tend to rely on casual clothes. However, not everything is good as long as it is rough. After a long stay-at-home life, comfort has become the most important item when choosing things, especially when choosing clothes and shoes. The point is “whether you are wearing it and whether it is easy to wear”.

Therefore, this time, the theme is “sneaker sandals to spend the hot summer comfortably”. I picked up “EQT93 SDL (EQT93 sandals)” from “adidas Originals”.

The point of this model is the details that inherit the DNA of Adidas’ highest model series that appeared in the early 1990s when sneakers began to attract attention as fashion items. Here, what kind of style suits you while touching on the characteristics of shoes? While thinking about “Why buy !?”
What kind of model is “EQT93 sandals” in the first place?
First of all, what is the “EQT” series, which is the origin of this model? Let’s delve into the point.

At the time the series was born, it was the eve of the first high-tech sneaker boom. Since the late 1980s, each brand has been competing with each other to develop keren-flavored designs that use a lot of bright colors and flashy graphics.

Adidas, on the other hand, will steer in the direction of thoroughly pursuing “the best manufacturing”, leaving only the essence that can express their identity without waste. Thus, in 1991, the “EQT”, the highest model series for professional use with an emphasis on performance, was born.

The series covers categories from popular sports such as running, basketball, and tennis to boxing, fencing, and weightlifting, and in addition to the top-notch shoes in each category, the lineup includes clothing and bags. There are a wide variety of types, for example, “EQT” running shoes, “EQT Guidance”, “EQT Cushion”, “EQT Support”, and so on.

This time, we will take up the latest in the modern version of the “EQT” series, which is inspired by the design archives of that time and reproduced in a design that fits the present age. From here, let’s delve into the details of the shoe while looking at the actual photo of the “EQT93 sandal” that is the main character of this time.
I mentioned earlier that “I got the idea from the design archive at the time”, but this model is called “EQT SUPPORT 93” because of the numbering of “93” and details everywhere. I think that the above-mentioned “EQT cushion” and “EQT guidance” are also mashed up on the base. The upper made of mesh material and neoprene material creates a light and sporty look, but the form has a tough appearance with an outdoor flavor. Combined with the robust sole, it will skillfully tickle the hearts of dads of the street generation.
Light, cool and comfortable! “Five birds with one stone” by preventing odor and sweaty feet
The first thing that catches the eye of this model is the cool and breathable mesh material upper. While inheriting the lean and functional form unique to “EQT”, the soft texture gives a light impression. This is because this model was originally developed as a new sandal option for the hot and humid Japanese summer season. Therefore, the exposed area of ​​the skin is designed to be wide, and there is no regret in terms of breathability when worn. In addition, the lining uses a highly cushioned sockliner with a deodorant effect. Not only is it light, but it’s comfortable to wear, and it solves the problem of stuffy feet and odor, which is a concern in summer, at once.

The next thing I would like to pay attention to is the fitting that affects the comfort of wearing. No matter how stylish the design is, if you feel stressed while wearing it, it will not be a story. It is the Velcro leather strap that shows its power here. The combination of different textures gives a rich look. In addition, by arranging it in a zigzag pattern rather than horizontally, it also plays a role as an upper that holds the entire instep. In addition, the aforementioned liner has good cushioning properties. By the way, the triangular “Badge of Sports Logo” currently used for items in the sports category was also designed for the same series.

Use recycled materials and consider the natural environment
In terms of comfort, the same goes for the insole. It is removable, so it is easy to dry and recovers quickly even from the heavy rains that are common this time of year, or from getting wet after playing in the water with your children outside. In addition, we do not use any virgin polyester and use recycled materials. This is also unique to the present age where products that are friendly to the global environment are required.

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