“The color changes in conjunction with the game!” Challenge to create a game room with the smart light “Philips Hue”

Creating a brilliant game room is popular on SNS
Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, many people say that their “home time” has become longer and they have more time to play games at home.

Nowadays, it’s not enough to just play games, and more and more gamers are decorating displays and desks neatly and creating game rooms. Furthermore, it seems that taking pictures of such game rooms and publishing them on SNS such as Instagram has become a big trend.

Decorating the entire room will not only make you look fashionable, but will also increase your immersiveness in the game! Motivation is also exploding! With that in mind, I borrowed the “Philips Hue Light Series” this time. It is a smart light that enhances the presence of game action by producing light linked to the game.

What are “Hue Light” and “Hue Bridge”?
This time, we borrowed three products from the Hue Light series, “Hue Play Light Bar”, “Hue Go Portable Light”, “Hue Light Ribbon Plus (2m)”, and the terminal “Hue Bridge” that serves as a hub for these products. (Each product is sold separately).

To use the Hue series lights, you need a terminal called Hue Bridge in addition to the lights. To put it simply, this Hue bridge acts like the “heart” of operating the Hue series lights, which allows you to operate the lights with your smartphone app. In addition, in order to link the game screen and light, it is also necessary to set the PC software.

Installed “heart” and “Hue bridge” as hubs
First, let’s set it from the “heart” Hue bridge.

To connect the Hue bridge, just connect it to your home Wi-Fi router using the included LAN cable. In addition, the Hue Bridge is compatible with both stationary and wall-mounted, so you can choose the installation method according to the situation of the room.
Next, “Hue Play Light Bar” was installed.
Following the Hue bridge, we will install a vertical Hue Play light bar. If you install this on both sides of the display, you can enjoy the effect as if the game screen spreads out of the display!

The Hue Play light bar comes with a freestanding stand and a back mounting clip. You can use the stand to stand it upright on your desk, or use a clip and double-sided tape to attach it to the back of your display.

However, it should be noted that the Hue series lights are considerably stronger than normal lights. It is bad for your eyes when you look directly at it, so when you use it, let’s reflect the light on a wall etc.
To link with the game screen, it is necessary to set the smartphone application and PC software
After installing the Hue bridge and Hue Play light bar, set the synchronization settings to link with the game screen. To link with the game screen, you need to set the smartphone application and PC software respectively. This time, for a more detailed explanation, we will introduce based on the procedure screen provided by the manufacturer.

First, download the smartphone application “Hue Sync”. This time, because it is linked with the game screen, select “Game mode” from “Use mode” on the application. Then select “Start syncing lights” and enter the Hue Play light bar serial number. The smartphone app is now in sync with the Hue Play light bar.
Next is the setting on the PC side. Download and launch the PC software “Hue Sync Desktop App” and connect to the same network as the Wi-Fi router to which the Hue Bridge is connected. Press the button in the center of the Hue bridge to sync.And finally, use the smartphone app Hue Sync to set the light bar. After connecting to the same network as the Wi-Fi router to which the Hue bridge is connected, select “Room to use light” or “Light to use” on Hue Sync. When you select a light, an image of the room will appear, so select the position where the light is actually installed and the setting will be completed!

Specifically, select “Philips Hue” from the module on the dashboard of Razer’s PC software “Synapse 3” and synchronize with the Hue bridge. Then select the light you want to work with your Razer product and you’re done. Now that it works with Razer keyboard and mouse illuminations, it’s worth a try for Razer product users.
Add the Hue Go Portable Light and Hue Light Ribbon Plus to make it flashy!
As I introduced in the video, when I set up the Hue Play light bar and played the game, it became a more luxurious game room than I imagined, and I was really excited! If this happens, let’s make it gorgeous! So, I will also add Hue Go Portable Light and Hue Light Ribbon Plus.

The Hue Go Portable Light, as the name implies, is a “portable” Hue series light. It is attractive that you can install it anywhere you like, and in places where there is no Hue bridge, you can connect to the smartphone app Hue Sync via Bluetooth.

Next, install Hue Light Ribbon Plus. This time I borrowed a 2m type product.

A light ribbon is a light that has a ribbon shape. The back of the ribbon is a sticker that can be attached to various places. In addition to being able to bend with a kunekune, it can be cut in 33 cm increments and can be extended up to 10 m by connecting connections.

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