Test drive the new 405 horsepower “Fairlady Z”, the strongest in history! Even though it is FR, the stability of the car body is tremendous

Nissan “Fairlady Z”, which is the centerpiece of domestic sports cars, will be fully remodeled in the summer of 2022.
For the new Fairlady Z, pre-orders for the special edition “Proto Spec” began in January 2022, and the price of the general grade was announced in April of the same year. The new Fairlady Z has the same vehicle model as its predecessor (6th generation), the “Z34” type, but the engine and transmission, as well as the main interior and exterior other than the pillars and platform, have also been revamped. Therefore, the new model is the 7th generation, counting from the first model that appeared in 1969. This time, I took a test drive of the new Fairlady Z on the Nissan test course, so I would like to tell you about its impressions.
First of all, the body size of the new Fairlady Z is a little wide with a total length of 4,380 mm and a total width of 1,845 mm, and a low total height of 1,315 mm. The wheelbase is 2,550mm. Compared to its predecessor, the overall length is 120mm longer, but other sizes are the same. The minimum turning radius is also equal to 5.2m.

In addition, the body size of the new Fairlady Z is slightly larger than the Toyota “GR86” and closer to the Toyota “Supra” when compared to rival domestic sports cars. The rear view is not very good, but the bonnet is within the field of view and the turning ability is good. Among sports cars, it will be one of the easiest to drive.
The front mask and side body are designed with the motif of the still popular original Fairlady Z. Even in the 6th and 5th generations of the previous generation, the appearance design was conscious of the first generation, but the new model of the 7th generation has a particularly strong tendency.
The interior is characterized by the fact that the Fairlady Z’s traditional triple meter is installed at the top of the center of the instrument panel. From the right side, the turbo boost gauge, turbo tachometer, and voltmeter are lined up.
One thing to note about the new Fairlady Z is the front seat adjustment function. The driver’s seat is equipped with a seat lifter that raises and lowers the seating position, but like its predecessor, only the seat surface moves. Users who prefer sports cars are more likely to sit in a lowered seating position, which creates a gap between the backrest and the seating surface. Good seats are essential for accurate driving and comfortable long-distance travel. Especially with the Fairlady Z, there are many opportunities to drive on the pass or on the highway for a long time. In that case, the seat will become more important, so I would like you to improve it to a seat lifter that moves up and down as a whole.

The on-board engine has been renewed with a new model. The previous generation was equipped with a 3.7L V6 naturally aspirated engine, but the new model is equipped with a 3L V6 twin turbo engine that was also used in the “Skyline 400R” (V37). The maximum output is 405PS (6,400rpm) and the maximum torque is 48.4kg-m (1,600-5,600rpm), which is almost the same as the Skyline 400R, but it has been tuned for the new Fairlady Z and has been changed to 400R. The 6-speed MT, which was not available, is probably used in the new Fairlady Z.
The 3L V6 twin turbo engine installed in the new model does not pay much attention to the habit of the turbo, and gives a margin to the driving force from the low rev range. Although the driving force decreases at 1,400 rpm or less, the supercharging effect rises at 1,500 rpm or more. Then, when the accelerator pedal is depressed, the engine turns firmly to the red zone of 7000 rpm, and the speed rises in a straight line to the limiter of 180 km / h. Although it has a lot of power, it has high practicality in the low speed range and is easy to drive.

If you dare to complain, as a sports car, it would be nice if the engine reaction was a little more agile. This is because if you step on the accelerator pedal while the number of revolutions is low, the acceleration power will increase with a slight time lag. Of course, the reaction is agile when viewed as a general turbo car, but there is still room for aging as a sports car.

And what is most noticeable about the new Fairlady Z is its accurate steering feel and high driving stability. Regarding steering, while driving on a three-lane test course at a speed of about 180 km / h, assuming that a small obstacle had fallen on the road, I tried to change the course slightly to the left by about 50 cm. Actually, the steering angle is so small that you move your wrist a little, but the new Fairlady Z works so that the vehicle reacts accurately and avoids obstacles.
Also, on a test course with a corner like a mountain pass, I dared to try to avoid danger on rough roads. While cornering, try turning the steering wheel further inward and at the same time releasing the accelerator pedal. When this operation is performed, in the previous Fairlady Z and some domestic sports cars, the tires bounce on the road centering on the rear wheels, and the course is easily disturbed. However, since the new Fairlady Z has high ground contact with the tires, especially the rear wheels, there were quite a few correction steering steps to adjust the course.
The setting of the new Fairlady Z, which has improved ground contact centered on the rear wheels, has excellent effects in various situations.

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