Test drive Mazda “CX-60” XD-HYBRID with 3.3L straight 6 diesel turbo!

Mazda’s new top-end SUV “CX-60” will finally be released on September 15, 2022.
The CX-60 has a diverse lineup of powertrains, but the one that will be released on September 15 is equipped with the “e-SKYACTIV D” that combines an electric motor with a 3.3L in-line 6-cylinder clean diesel turbo engine. Model. This time, I was able to test drive the e-SKYACTIV D equipped model immediately, so let’s report it.
Interior and exterior design befitting a premium SUV
The grade of the CX-60 I test drove this time is the highest grade Premium Modern with rhodium white premium metallic.
The exterior of the CX-60 adopts a beautiful design that expresses the latest Kodo design. Not only sunlight, but also the scenery of the city is reflected beautifully, and when you drive away, it creates an impressive shadow that the scenery flows.
It can be said that it is an excellent design that combines the elegance of the strength of the car itself and the characteristics of the FR platform, such as the distance from the base of the A pillar to the center of the front wheel, by the reflection of light. right.
The interior is finished into a wonderful space with a sense of quality. In particular, the interior of the Premium Modern grade is studded with Japanese premiums interpreted in Mazda style, such as around the instrument panel that looks like it is woven with gold thread.
In addition, it is also good to give priority to ease of handling, such as adopting physical switches for air conditioners. However, how about having separate temperature control switches for the top and bottom? Regarding this, I felt that it would be easier to operate with one up and down, and blind touch would be easier.

And in the premium model, the “sound” when opening the door is also important. To be honest, when you open the door of Mazda cars, the sound echoes inside the door and makes a light noise, and this tendency was particularly noticeable in the rear door of Mazda cars. I was very disappointed, but the CX-60 seems to be well built around that, and I’m glad that the details are finished to give the impression that it is a premium model.

Surprisingly high “quietness”
Let’s start running now. The new AT shift pattern, which began to be adopted from the “MX-30”, is also followed by the CX-60, so it is not difficult to use once you get used to it.

You can select R by tilting to the left from P, and N and D by pulling down as it is, so it can be said that it is convenient when repeating forward and backward. When I operated the lever with a firm click feeling to D and stepped on the accelerator slowly, the body of about 1,900 kg started lightly.

The test drive location was a place where I had to pass through a narrow toll gate from the start, but the CX-60 has good visibility and the width of the car is easy to grasp, so I didn’t have to worry about left and right.
Then, when you go out to the main street and step on the accelerator deeply, it starts a powerful acceleration that seems to be an inline 6-cylinder. The stress-free, pleasant feeling of acceleration can only be experienced with a large displacement of 3.3 liters. The red zone is low around 5,000 rpm for diesel, but the way the engine speed rises so comfortably is like a gasoline engine, and the engine sound at that time was also quite pleasant. For a moment, I almost forgot it was a diesel engine.

Then get on the highway and try it out. After passing the toll booth, accelerate and join the main line. So I noticed a few things. First of all, it is quiet. Not only road noise, but also diesel engine sound can be heard only as a light hum. However, there is a sense of security because it seems that consideration is given to properly transmitting the necessary sound rather than suppressing the sound unnecessarily. This is made possible by the high rigidity of the body and the fact that the lower side of the door opening is wrapped around the side sills. In addition to the high body rigidity, the mounting rigidity around the steering wheel is also high, so the steering column and steering wheel did not sway when going over bumps.
The CX-60 isn’t too comfortable to ride. It’s a little stiff, but the corners have been removed, so there’s no discomfort. And above all, the seat has high cushioning and absorbs shocks very effectively, so when I started riding, I had the illusion that the suspension was very supple. The seat has a high holdability, but it is moderate enough that it does not interfere with getting on and off, so I felt that it would be easy to handle long distances.

Despite being a large SUV, the handling is light.
Even if you get off the highway and run in the city, the impression does not change much. In particular, the output of torque and power in relation to the amount of depression of the accelerator is very natural, and I would like to highly evaluate the fact that you can get the acceleration and deceleration you want. This point is also a point where the larger the displacement, the more advantageous it works. On the other hand, I saw some points that I didn’t really care about on the highway. One is unsprung weight. Fortunately, the shock is absorbed by the seat, but the 235/50/R20 (Bridgestone ALENZA test car) felt a little fluttering. For example, it seemed that the impression could be changed considerably by dropping the tire by one size or using a slightly lighter tire.

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