Suzuki’s new “Spacia Base” is a good combination of commercial and passenger vehicles!

On August 26, 2022, Suzuki announced the new “Spacia Base”, a 4-number light commercial vehicle, the fourth in the light super height wagon “Spacia” series.
In the Spacia series so far, in addition to the standard model Spacia, there were three types of “Spacia Custom” and “Spacia Gear”, but they were all light passenger cars. This Spacia Base is the first light commercial vehicle to be released.
First of all, the appearance of the Spacia base is characterized by a black front face. The Spacia-based front face is the “Spacia Custom” before some improvements were made in December 2021, but it is comparable to the current model Spacia Custom. Rather, the Spacia Base emphasizes a more solid and tough image by painting various parts of the exterior, such as the front face, door mirrors, door handles, and wheels, with black pearl.

Also, unlike the Spacia Custom, the side windows are filled with quarter panels that are the same color as the body. This is a change to arrange the rear quarter pocket on the luggage compartment side.
And the most important thing in the Spacia base is the luggage compartment. In order to expand the luggage compartment and improve usability, the Spacia Base was dared to be developed as a 4-number light commercial vehicle instead of a light passenger car. In order to make the vehicle conform to commercial vehicle standards, the luggage compartment area must be larger than the rear seats, so the rear seats of the Spacia base are narrower than the base Spacia Custom.
Instead, the Spacia Base has a large luggage compartment. When the rear seats are stowed, the luggage compartment length is 1,205 mm, the luggage compartment width is 1,245 mm, and the luggage compartment height is 1,220 mm. In addition, the floor of the luggage compartment is made of a material that is easy to clean, so you can easily load outdoor items that have become dirty outdoors. In addition, the seat cover is water-repellent and waterproof.

One of the major features of the Spacia Base is that it is equipped with a “multi-board” that allows you to change the height of the luggage compartment and divide the luggage compartment into front and back. By using multi-boards, it can be used for various purposes.
For example, if you set it on the upper level, the height from the floor to the multi-board will be 430mm, and by using the multi-board as a table and the back seat with the backrest as a bench, you can work or eat.

If you set the multi-board in the middle, the height from the floor will drop to 290mm, so remote work can be done in a relaxed posture.
And when set to the lower level, the height from the floor is 165mm, and if the front seats are fully reclined, it becomes a flat space, which is convenient for sleeping in the car. In addition, if you put the dealer’s optional relaxing cushion in that state, you will be able to sleep comfortably. In addition, the bottom of the multi-board can be used as a storage space, making it easy to organize your luggage.
In addition, when the rear seats are stowed, a multi-board can be placed in the center of the luggage compartment to divide it into front and rear partitions. The luggage compartment length on the front side is 805mm and the rear side is 545mm. For example, you can put your pet on the front side and load luggage on the back side.
The Spacia Base has plenty of storage facilities to improve the usability of the room. The upper grade XF is equipped with an “overhead shelf” that makes it easy to organize small items. The aforementioned rear quarter pocket on the side of the luggage compartment of the quarter panel can be used to secure luggage using the dealer option color code.

The Spacia Base is also fully equipped with safety equipment. All grades come standard with a dual camera brake support that can activate the collision damage mitigation brake and an erroneous start prevention function. All models are equipped with side airbags, which is the first equipment adopted for light commercial vehicles. Furthermore, if it is an advanced XF, cruise control that can automatically control the distance between vehicles is standard equipment.

In addition, the fully automatic function of the air conditioner, the roll sunshade, and the seat heaters for the driver’s and passenger’s seats, which enhance comfort, are installed as equipment for the first time in a light commercial vehicle.

Only NA is set for the engine, and mild hybrid and turbo are not prepared. The maximum output is 52PS (6,500rpm) and the maximum torque is 6.1kg-m (4,000rpm). The fuel consumption is 21.2km/L (WLTC mode), which is the same figure as the hot-selling grade equipped with a mild hybrid when applied to the Spacia mini passenger car. As a light commercial vehicle, the fuel consumption value is the best.
There are two types of Spacia-based grade lineup, GF and advanced XF, and the drive system can be selected from front-wheel drive 2WD and 4WD in either grade. Basic safety equipment is standard on all vehicles, and the advanced XF is equipped with adaptive cruise control, electric opening and closing functions for both sliding doors, steering wheel and driver’s seat up and down adjustment functions, roof rails, etc.

The price of 2WD is 1,394,800 yen for GF and 1,547,700 yen for XF. The XF is 152,900 yen higher than the GF, but the equipment installed on the XF plus is worth 220,000 yen. Since there are many highly practical items, the XF is a bargain grade that keeps the price low for its functions and equipment.

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