Spider is equipped with “truss”! “Spider GT TM1 / 2” can’t be unpopular

This is Mr. Ogu! This time, I borrowed a tailor-made “Spider GT TM1 / TM2” putter that I personally pay attention to, so I would like to take a closer look at its performance.

Spider who became more resistant to mistakes
“Spider” is a putter brand developed by TaylorMade. We have a large lineup of mallet types with a large projected area. Initially, it was popular with amateurs as a model with a deep center of gravity that is resistant to mistakes, and various variations such as head size, shape, neck, and color were added later. Then, while retaining the characteristics that are resistant to mistakes, an “operable mallet” that can be used by tour pros was born, and the professionals used won many titles including major titles. Since then, it has continued to maintain high popularity regardless of professional or amateur.

This time, a model equipped with “Truss Hosel” has been added to the Spider series. The neck of a normal putter supports the head at one point, but the “truss hosel” has a structure that supports the head “on the surface” with a triangular neck. This makes the head less likely to shake even when the core is removed, making it a putter that is resistant to mistakes.

In Japan’s women’s tour, the putter equipped with this “truss hosel” is very popular, and Mone Inami, who won the prize money queen with overwhelming strength in 2021, will use this “truss hosel” equipped model. I’m using.

If a spider that is already resistant to mistakes is equipped with a “truss hosel” that is even more resistant to mistakes, it should not be uninteresting! Let’s take a look!

“Spider GT TM1”
The “Spider GT TM1” is equipped with the “Truss Hosel” in the “GT” series, which has a relatively shallow center of gravity and is both resistant to mistakes and operability. The neck is mounted near the crank neck found in normal blade types. It matches the “arc type” golfer who strokes while opening and closing the head like a wiper.
The ease of holding has improved dramatically!
Immediately after I set it up, I felt that the “defects” of the “Truss Hosel” had been improved. Until now, models equipped with the “truss hosel” had the truss neck directly on the so-called blade just behind the face. For this reason, the blade sometimes overlapped with the neck and did not line up, and looked a little distorted. That’s why this model has a truss hosel mounted at a position slightly rearward from the blade, making it very easy to hold without hiding the blade.

When you hit it, you can feel the effect of the truss hosel. As a spider, the “GT”, which has a slightly shallow center of gravity, has moderate operability, but it does not interfere with it, and it is as strong as a spider with a deep center of gravity.

There is no over-flying with a long putt, which is often the case with mallets with a deep center of gravity, and I was able to give a severe touch firmly. It is a very complete putter that anyone can recommend if it looks and feels comfortable when you hold it!
“Spider GT TM 2”
Center shaft specifications of the above “TM1”. This is a “face balance” design in which the face faces almost straight up when the shaft is supported. It is a specification that matches the type that moves the head straight.
One completed system of the center shaft ……!?
To be honest, I was interested in the center shaft specifications. Since the center shaft has a shaft that sticks straight into the center of gravity on the face surface, it has the disadvantage that the head tends to shake regardless of whether the hitting point shifts to the toe side or the heel side. It can be reduced by deepening the center of gravity and making it a mallet type, but it is a structurally insurmountable part.

The conventional “truss hosel” equipped model also has a blade type center shaft specification, which considerably reduced head shake, but there was a problem with the shape around the neck and the appearance when holding it. It was. However, this “TM2” has improved such a part brilliantly.

In addition to the resistance to mallet-type mistakes, the head of the “Truss Hosel” is less likely to shake, and the neck is easy to hold with the face left, making it extremely complete! Personally, I think this model is one of the answers to the center shaft.
How do you perceive the price in the high 40,000 yen range?
The “Spider GT Black TM Series” has all the functions of putters that are currently conceivable! It was a finish like that. It is not recommended for golfers who want to finely control the movement of the head and change the way they hit each time, but it should be easy for many other golfers.

The price is in the high 40,000 yen range. I don’t think this performance is cheap, but it’s a little hard to come by. At the very least, I wish it was a little more reasonable price …

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