Special use of that “Type R” paint! Edifice x Honda Racing New Race Watch

EDIFICE, developed by Casio Computer Co., Ltd. under the concept of “speed & intelligence”, is a collection featuring designs and functions that have an affinity with motor sports. It is a popular watch brand that continues to attract many car lovers.

In September 2022, the Edifice will release a collaboration model with Honda Racing, which fully expresses Honda’s passion for motorsports, and is currently the focus of attention. This time, “Engrave Reiwa with a new masterpiece watch”, we will take up such a topic “SOSPENSIONE Honda Racing Red Edition EQB-2000HR-1AJR”, including the background of the model’s birth, and various aspects. By verifying, we will approach the charm of this special model.

Honda’s Passion to Continue Driving Japan’s Motorsports
This model is not just a collaboration model with Honda Racing, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (founded in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture in 1948, hereinafter referred to as Honda) is Japan’s first full-fledged international racing course “Suzuka Circuit” ( Location: Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture). So, before introducing this model, I would like to briefly touch on Honda and Honda Racing.

Honda has been actively involved in the motorsports business from a relatively early stage among Japanese automakers. Initially, it started with motorcycle racing, and the first world race it participated in was an international auto race held in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1954. In 1959, he competed in the famous Isle of Man TT Race (motorcycle competition held on the Isle of Man, a British royal vassal state since 1907) for the first time. With better-than-expected results in the 125cc class, Honda increased its presence in the world of motor racing. In 1964, he took on the pinnacle of auto racing, F1 (Formula 1), and surprisingly won the Mexican Grand Prix the following year for the first time.

Under such circumstances, the founder, Soichiro Honda, thought that “Japan needs a full-fledged circuit for the spread of motor sports” and declared the construction. The Suzuka Circuit was completed in 1962. Since then, many racing events have been held there, including international races such as the “F1 Japan Grand Prix” and the “Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race”, and it continues to be a sacred place for Japanese motor sports fans.

In 1982, Honda established a motorsports company whose main business was to operate the company’s works teams and develop machines for major races in Japan and overseas. This is Honda Racing (headquartered in Asaka City, Saitama Prefecture, based in Spain in Europe), which collaborated with EDIFICE this time.

By the way, in F1, from this 2022 season, the company will be “Red Bull Racing Limited” (F1 race team based on the Austrian beverage maker “Red Bull” group) and “Scuderia Alpha Tauri (Scuderia Alpha We supply power units (PU/kinetic energy regeneration system) to “Tauri” (described later).
A motor sports machine that can be worn on the arm “Sospensione”
Now, let’s return to the story of “Edifice”. This brand is a watch launched by Casio Computer in 2000 to break away from that image for markets such as Europe and North America, where there is a strong tendency to recognize “Casio watches = digital watches with resin bodies”. Brand. Combining a dynamic and active design with advanced technology, it is composed of models that add the essence of “sporty” that is imaged from motor sports. Radio-controlled solar chronographs, which are equipped with functions that are strongly associated with motor sports, such as high-precision timekeeping, lap time measurement, and world time functions, form the core of the lineup.

In 2011, the same year as the debut in Japan, “Edifice” started supporting the F1 team “Red Bull Racing”, which Honda Racing also provides technical support, in order to make use of the image of motor sports in marketing. In 2016, he moved to support its second team, Scuderia Toro Rosso. In 2020, the team’s constructor (in F1, it means the manufacturer of the chassis, and in effect refers to the team name) was changed to “Scuderia AlphaTauri” (* contract ends in 2021). , continued its support.

By the way, on August 12, 2022, “Edifice” released the model “Sospensione ECB-2000” with a carbon fiber resin case, which will be the first model to be adopted by the same brand. “SOSPENSIONE” means suspension in Italian. In other words, this model was developed from the perspective of “a motor sports machine worn on the arm”, and features a mechanical face design with a racing car motif, such as incorporating details inspired by the suspension of a formula car (details will be described later). It’s a model.

The “ECB-2000” released as the first series is an analog dial model, but the new “Sospensione Honda Racing Red Edition” introduced this time is an analog dial. In addition, more attention has been paid to the design, materials, and finish, and as you can see from the fact that the price is about double, this special model is considered to be positioned as a high-end model of the “ECB-2000”.
In fact, “Sospenceone Honda Racing Red Edition” is based on the regular model “Sospenceone EQB-2000” (outline will be described later) scheduled to be released in September 2022. Both models have different colors and different standard bands, but the functions are exactly the same, and the basic design is almost the same. Let’s take a look at this special model supervised by Honda.

First of all, the coloring is based on the standard color of “NSX GT3”. The 2-seater sports car “NSX” that Honda introduced in 1990 as a flagship sports model. Based on the second generation (launched in 2001), the “Group “NSX GT3” is a model adapted to the “GT3” project.

“EDIFICE” adopts the standard color of “NSX GT3”, which incorporates vivid red based on jet black, giving the “Sospensione Honda Racing Red Edition” a dignified appearance that combines strength and dignity. I put it together.

Also, pay attention to the red “X parts” placed on the dial.

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