Sony makes a full-scale entry into gaming gear for PCs! Monitor headset released from new brand “INZONE”

On June 29, 2022, Sony announced that it would launch a new gaming gear brand “INZONE” and make a full-scale entry into the PC gaming market.

The company deals with consumer game consoles and peripherals in the “PlayStation” series, but “INZONE” is the first gaming gear brand for PCs. By the way, the name “INZONE” comes from the English word “in the zone”, which means to enter the zone so that you can immerse yourself in the extreme concentration.

Two models of gaming monitors (gaming displays) and three models of gaming headsets were announced at the time of this new brand launch. Both will be developed as premium gaming gear that focuses on image quality and sound quality by introducing the technology that the company has cultivated in the development of TVs and audio equipment.

4K high resolution / 144Hz compatible “INZONE M9” and full HD / 240Hz eSports “INZONE M3”
The gaming monitor (gaming display) is the “INZONE M9 (SDM-U27M90)” that supports a refresh rate of 144Hz at 4K resolution and the “INZONE M3 (SDM-F27M30)” that supports a refresh rate of 240Hz at full HD resolution. Two models will be introduced. The former is for those who want to enjoy high-resolution RPGs and adventure games with high image quality, and the latter is for those who play highly competitive PC games such as FPS and MOBA. Both models use IPS panels and have a screen size of 27 inches.
All of them are said to have specifications suitable for premium models, such as “image quality”, “gaming performance”, “usability”, and “design”. Above all, attention should be paid to the “image quality” that is fully open to Sony’s uniqueness, which is the introduction of the high image quality technology cultivated in “BRAVIA”.

The 4K / 144Hz compatible “INZONE M9” uses a direct-type LED backlight, which is rare for gaming monitors. In addition to supporting VESA’s Display HDR standard “Display HDR 600”, it also supports partial drive of direct-type LEDs, achieving high brightness and high contrast that cannot be thought of as a gaming monitor. It also supports 10-bit color display and wide color gamut display with a DCI-P3 coverage rate of 95%. I actually looked at the actual machine of “INZONE M9”, but it is good that the contrast was well out thanks to the direct type backlight and that the backlight control closely follows even in a scene with a large difference in brightness. It was an impression.
Full HD / 240Hz “INZONE M3” adopts an edge type backlight and is scheduled to acquire VESA’s Display HDR standard “Display HDR 400” certification. This also supports 10-bit color display, but the sRGB coverage rate is 99% for the color gamut.

As for “gaming performance,” all of them support high refresh rates, and variable refresh rate technologies include VESA AdaptiveSync, NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible, and HDMI 2.1 Variable Refresh Rate (VRR). The response speed (GTG) is 1ms (high-speed mode) even though it is an IPS panel.\
Furthermore, like a gaming monitor, gaming such as “Black Equalizer” that improves visibility of dark scenes while reducing overexposure, “Cross Hair” that displays aiming marks on the screen, and “Frame Rate Counter” that displays the frame rate. Equipped with functions firmly. Five image quality modes are available: standard, FPS game, cinema, game 1, and game 2. In addition to being able to control these settings from the OSD (on-screen display), it can also be controlled from a PC using the dedicated PC software “INZONE Hub”. You can also save settings for each game title by using “INZONE Hub”.
In addition, it is equipped with an “auto KVM switch function” that automatically switches the connection destination of peripheral devices according to the input device (separate USB Type-B / Type-C cable connection is required). When connecting to “PlayStation 5”, “Auto HDR tone mapping” and “Content-linked image quality mode” can be used, and “INZONE M9” also supports “Perfect for PlayStation 5”.

The point of the main body design is to adopt a characteristic tripod stand that supports height adjustment and tilt function (20 degrees), making it easy to place a keyboard and mouse under the monitor. Speaking of gaming gear, many manufacturers adopt cool black coloring, but “INZONE M9” and “INZONE M3”, and the gaming headset described later, adopt white-based coloring. .. When entering the gaming market, he decided to take on the challenge with a pure white feeling, and because it matches with PS5, he said that he adopted this kind of coloring. The “INZONE M9” also has a lighting function on the back that allows you to select from 13 colors.
Input / output terminals are common to both models, DisplayPort x 1 (Ver.1.4), HDMI x 2 (Ver.2.1), USB Type-C x 1 (DP Alt Mode, Upstream), USB Type-B x 1 (Upstream) ), USB Type-A x 3 (DownStream), headphone output x 1 (3.5 mm) are available. The built-in speaker is 2W x 2.
“INZONE M9” will be released on July 8th, and the estimated market price is around 154,000 yen. “INZONE M3” is scheduled to be released later this year, and the price is undecided.

Premium wireless headset “INZONE H9” equipped with noise canceling function. There are also wireless models without noise canceling and wired models.
Three gaming headsets will be introduced: the wireless model “INZONE H9” equipped with a noise canceling function, the wireless model “INZONE H7” without a noise canceling function, and the wired model “INZONE H3”.

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