Sony image quality even on a gaming monitor! I tried “INZONE M9” with PC & PS5 connection

A new brand “INZONE” launched by Sony in line with its entry into the gaming device market. The “INZONE M9” is a 27-inch 4K/144Hz compatible high-end gaming monitor released on July 8 under such a new brand. Another PC monitor announced at the same time, “INZONE M3”, is full HD / 240Hz and specs that emphasize competitiveness such as e-Sports, while “INZONE M9” is a model positioned as a Sony-like high-quality gaming monitor. .

Actually, in the sample of this Sony “INZONE M9” immediately after its release, when it was connected to a PC and a 144Hz signal was input, the connection was unstable and the verification was postponed. I will review it again when the time is right.
Bright, vivid and beautiful image quality at a glance
First, let me introduce the specifications of the Sony “INZONE M9”. The installed liquid crystal panel is an IPS liquid crystal 4K / 144Hz panel with non-glare specifications assuming PC gaming. It is a model that emphasizes not only gaming performance but also image quality performance, with a color gamut of 95% DCI-P3, 1.07 billion color display, response speed of 1ms (high speed mode), and DisplayHDR600.

And the specifications that symbolize Sony’s “INZONE M9” are “high contrast”, and it supports partial drive of direct type LED, which is quite rare for a PC monitor. This is a standard technology for middle-class and higher products, including Sony’s flat-panel BRAVIA TV, and partially controls the backlight brightness according to the light-dark distribution within the screen. It is extremely rare to install it in a 27-inch small model.

Leaving aside the description of other image quality functions and installation, first connect the “INZONE M9” with a DisplayPort cable with 4K/144Hz SDR. When I displayed the Windows desktop, I was captivated by the vivid colors and glare that were different from a typical PC monitor from the moment I saw it. When I checked the settings from the dedicated application “INZONE Hub”, the initial value was “Game 1”. When I switched the video mode to the “Standard” setting, the colors were a little more subdued, but even so, I thought the image quality of the character resolution was beautiful at a glance.
Although it is vivid, it is a PC monitor, so the display is non-glare (non-glossy) and has minimal harshness and reflection. On the other hand, the viewing angle is an IPS panel, but when viewed from an oblique position, the brightness changes in the gray direction. Is it suitable for gaming that focuses on one screen rather than two-screen display for creators?
individual installation. “INZONE Hub” software is very convenient
The “INZONE M9” has a unique appearance and stand shape. First of all, it is quite unusual for a gaming monitor that the design of the main body is based on white. It just matches the image of PS5, but this unit is basically a monitor that assumes PC gaming (of course, PS5 connection is also possible). By the way, from the PC user’s point of view, the bezel part seen from the front is black, and only the back and stand part are white.
The shape of the stand, in which the legs extend forward and the screen slides diagonally, is also unique. This stand has some peculiarities in terms of usability, and if you try to move the screen up and down, the distance between the front and back will also change, so it is not suitable for people who frequently move it up and down. Also, it is a little disappointing that there is no left and right swing.
The other is that the legs of the stand protrude in the center. Therefore, the keyboard cannot be hidden under the screen. Sony is appealing that it can be used widely around the desktop by placing the keyboard sideways for gaming, but when considering normal PC use, the keyboard is overwhelmingly placed in front of the monitor. Therefore, for general use, you may be more concerned about the disadvantage of narrowing the desk.
The connection terminals are HDMI 2.1 × 2, DisplayPort 1.4 × 1, USB Type-C × 1 (DP Alternate mode), 3.5 mm headphone terminal, USB × 4, USB Type-B (upstream) × 1. Please note that no cables including DisplayPort are included.

There is a stick on the back side of the screen on the right side of the main unit, allowing intuitive operation. Creating a hierarchy is also intuitive, and this operability is very easy to handle.

However, the point that I felt more convenient than that is that you can select detailed settings on your PC via the dedicated application “INZONE Hub” for PC. Please check the photo for details, but you can not only select the video mode of “Standard”, “FPS Game”, “Cinema”, “Game 1”, and “Game 2”, but also switch the response speed, black equalizer to make dark areas easier to see, All settings related to image quality such as brightness, gamma curve (not available for HDR input), and local dimming can be set.In addition, input switching, USB hub function operation (switching USB hub operation linked to HDMI input), and OSD display time can be switched from the PC side, which is very easy to handle.
Experience “INZONE M9” in actual gameplay
Let’s actually play the game. However, due to the PC specs, 4K / 144Hz game play is not possible, so I experienced the video performance of 144Hz by lowering the resolution and shot the screen at 4K / 60Hz.

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