Sony announces unique pan/tilt compatible cinema camera “FR7”!

On September 6, 2022, Sony announced the “FR7” equipped with a pan/tilt mechanism as a new product in the “Cinema Line” line of camera products for video production. It is a product for professionals, and it is a unique camera that enables more versatile video shooting. Let’s take a look at the features of the camera with a video recording of the actual panning and tilting operations.
Versatile pan/tilt movements for unique angles and camera work
“Cinema Line” developed by Sony is a professional video production camera that combines the look (preset video expression) cultivated in digital cinema video production with high operability and reliability that meets the needs of creators. series. To date, the CineAlta camera “VENICE”, which has been highly acclaimed in the film production industry, the “FX9” for documentary and drama production, and the compact “FX6” released in December 2021, etc., meet diversifying shooting needs. We have released products that are compatible.

The “FR7” added to the “Cinema Line” this time is a model that further expands the lineup of the “Cinema Line”, which is rich in variety. An interchangeable lens camera that uses the E-mount, based on the “cinema-like image expression” by the full-size sensor that “Cinema Line” has provided so far, with the concept of “។

Its greatest feature is that it is equipped with a remote control function using a pan/tilt mechanism integrated into the main unit. The movable range of the pan/tilt mechanism is -30° to +195° in the tilt direction and -170° to +170° in the pan direction, and can be rotated up, down, left, and right. It can also be suspended from the ceiling by using separately sold metal fittings, and in this case the movable range is -210° to +15° in the tilt direction and -170° to +170° in the pan direction. Furthermore, it supports pan/tilt speed adjustment, and can be set from a very slow movement of 0.02°/sec to a quick movement of 60°/sec. By adjusting the position of the camera and the movement and speed of panning and tilting, it is possible to create unique angles and camerawork.
Remote operation is possible using a remote controller (sold separately) and a free web application.
The remote control of the “FR7” is performed from the remote controller “RM-IP500” (sold separately) or a dedicated web application (free of charge).

The RM-IP500 remote controller is a professional-grade device equipped with a joystick and seesaw lever that enables high-precision pan/tilt control of the camera and zoom control of the electric zoom lens. It also has a preset function that allows you to record and recall pan/tilt/zoom positions and camera settings, as well as a color adjustment function that supports gain adjustment and white balance adjustment. During multicam shooting, it can be divided into 10 groups and controlled.
A dedicated web app (free of charge) can be used on PCs and tablets. It is characterized by intuitive operation including “touch AF” by touch operation. Of course, it also supports basic camera operations such as pan/tilt control of the camera and zoom control of the electric zoom lens. According to Sony, more precise camera control is possible by using both, such as controlling rough operations such as panning and tilting with the remote controller “RM-IP500” and performing fine AF adjustments with the web application.
Compatible lenses are approximately 70 genuine Sony E-mount lenses. Telephoto/super-telephoto lenses such as the FE 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 GM OSS, FE 200-600mm F5.6-6.3 G OSS, FE 400mm F2.8 GM OSS, and FE 600mm F4 GM OSS cannot be panned.・Although it does not support tilt operation, it is said that it can be used with a wide range of focal lengths from 12mm super wide angle to 1200mm super telephoto (when using a teleconverter).
Other functions, like other models of the “Cinema Line”, support the “S-Cinetone” look, which features rich neutral tones and natural skin tones. 4K 60p recording and 4K 120p recording are possible inside the camera. It also has a unique electronic variable ND filter built-in.

The memory card slot is equipped with two slots that support both CFexpress Type A cards and SD cards. As interfaces, HDMI Type A output, SDI output (BNC terminal), optical signal output, audio input (XLR type 5 pin), external sync input (BNC terminal), time code input (BNC terminal), OPTION terminal for remote control , equipped with a LAN terminal that supports POE ++ power supply.
The AF system is “Fast Hybrid AF” that combines image plane phase difference detection AF and contrast detection AF, which is familiar with the digital single-lens camera “α series”.

The body size is about 227 (width) x 289 (height) x 233 (depth) mm, and the weight is 4.6 kg (body only).

There are two types of lineup: a body alone and a lens kit that comes with an electric zoom lens “FE PZ 28-135mm F4 G OSS”. The price is 1,320,000 yen for the body alone and 1,617,000 yen for the lens kit (both tax included). It is scheduled to be released on November 11, 2022.
The “FR7” is a cinema camera dedicated to movie shooting with a selling price of over 1 million yen, so it may not be a product that advanced amateurs should consider purchasing, but for professional video creators, angles and camera work It is a camera that can be used conveniently for shooting that you want to devise. In particular, it will demonstrate its power in shooting live music and events with a small number of people. The reason why the pan/tilt mechanism and the camera body are integrated is to make it possible to smoothly isolate the faulty part in the event of equipment failure. The specifications around here are also said to be unique to commercial equipment.

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