Smarter look and function! Sennheiser noise canceling headphones “MOMENTUM 4 Wireless”

Sennheiser’s wireless headphone flagship model “MOMENTUM 4 Wireless”. The June teaser announced that it would be released after August 2022, but it was finally announced today.

“MOMENTUM 4 Wireless” is the 4th generation model of MOMENTUM headphones renewed for the first time in about 3 years since “MOMENTUM 3 Wireless” released in 2019. It is said that the sound quality, noise canceling function, design, etc. have all been rebuilt.
For the driver unit, a transducer with a diameter of 42 mm similar to the previous “MOMENTUM 3 Wireless” is used. In order to achieve a natural and well-balanced sound that can delicately reproduce the thoughts and feelings of the artist, a diaphragm made of a new material is used. Regarding the driver unit, it seems that it will be finished at the Irish factory that manufactures and assembles the company’s consumer products such as the complete wireless earphone “Momentum True Wireless 3”.

Also, in order to take advantage of the potential of this transducer, the angle of the baffle was also devised. It is said that the stage can now be constructed.
For the noise canceling function, we chose a combination of a chip for Bluetooth communication made by Qualcomm, which was also used in the complete wireless earphone “Momentum True Wireless  The unique “adaptive noise canceling” that dynamically controls the hybrid noise canceling function according to the surrounding conditions allows you to create an optimal listening environment at any time.
In “MOMENTUM 4 Wireless”, although you can manually adjust the effect of “adaptive noise canceling” using a dedicated application, basically “adaptive noise canceling” always works. yes. “Smart pause function” that automatically stops when you remove “MOMENTUM 4 Wireless” and automatically starts playback when you put it on. It also has an “auto on/off function” that automatically turns off, and it seems that smart usability is also a big attraction.
In addition, the “MOMENTUM 4 Wireless” is the first wireless headphone from the company to be equipped with a MEMS microphone. A total of 8 microphones mounted on the left and right are specially installed for each function for noise canceling and for calls, and by controlling with high precision with a unique chip, high noise canceling performance and call quality are realized. It is said that

The main unit has been designed with consideration for baffle angles and damping properties, mounting noise-cancelling microphones in places without corners or edges to reduce wind turbulence, and increasing the contact surface when worn to reduce weight. It seems that the design was based on sound quality, function, and wearing comfort, such as realizing comfortable wearability with even distribution. On top of that, in order to match the smart usability of adaptive noise cancellation, the rugged and wild design of “MOMENTUM 3 Wireless” was finished with a clean and minimalistic look with only a physical button for power / pairing + touch control. In “MOMENTUM 4 Wireless”, the folding mechanism that was in “MOMENTUM 3 Wireless” fades out. The included carrying case is thinner than the “MOMENTUM 3 Wireless”.
In addition, the “MOMENTUM 4 Wireless” is also characterized by an ultra-long battery of up to 60 hours, but this is a spec with the noise canceling function turned on (iPhone volume mid setting). . It also has a quick charge function that can play for up to 4 hours with a 5-minute charge, so there seems to be little concern about the specifications around the battery and running out.

The main body weight is about 293g. Codec supports SBC, AAC, aptX Adaptive. For aptX Adaptive, it supports up to 24bit/48kHz in order to emphasize stability. Two color variations, white and black, are available. The release date is August 23rd for the white and late September for the black. The estimated market price is around 54,890 yen.

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