“Senior discount” special feature that can be used by “air, land, sea” companies! Traveling is definitely advantageous

The re-infection of the new corona is a little worrisome, but according to various reports, travel demand is gradually recovering. Perhaps some of our readers are thinking “I want to enjoy going out” ahead of the summer-autumn travel season.

Therefore, this time, we will pay attention to “Senior discount, which is definitely advantageous for travel transportation”. We will introduce all the transportation methods in Japan that are friendly to saifu and can be used by people over a certain age, for each “air / land / sea” company. Please use it not only as your own travel method but also as information provision to your family! (Last updated: July 18, 2022)

* The price examples shown are as of the time of writing the article. Please check the latest rates on the official website etc. when using.
Surprisingly many “senior discounts”. Have you overlooked it?
“Senior discount (or senior discount / silver discount, etc.)” refers to a discount service for people over a certain age by the service provider. The content and target age vary depending on the company or organization, but it has been introduced in a wide range of genres such as public transportation, movie theaters, theme parks, and tourist facilities.

Most of them are targeted for ages 60 and over, or 65 and over, but some of them can be used from 50 and over, so there is no reason not to use them. This article focuses on senior discounts on transportation, which make up a large percentage of travel spending.
Senior discount on airplanes to save on air travel
First of all, from the “sky”. Airlines are introducing senior discounts. Many companies have a target age of 65 or older, and may require official documents to prove their age. In addition, there may be conditions such as “available if there are vacant seats on the day”, so some caution and effort is required to use it. However, the discount rate is attractive. Let’s consider it when you suddenly think about it and use an airplane.

◆ ANA “Smart Senior Sky Discount” ◆
Reservations can be made from midnight on the day. For “ANA Mileage Club members” aged 65 and over
ANA (All Nippon Airways) has a senior discount called “Smart Senior Sky Discount (Sorawari)”. For ANA Mileage Club members aged 65 and over, reservations can be made from midnight on the day of boarding. You can also upgrade if there are seats available in Premium Class at the departure airport on the day of boarding for an additional fee.

The fare for Smart Senior Sky Discount from the publication of this article to the flight on October 29, 2022 is set at “8,600 yen to 23,500 yen”. Between Tokyo and Osaka, the price is usually 26,400 yen (normal time for ANA FLEXD), but 10,400 yen (normal time). Similarly, between Tokyo and Sapporo, the discount rate is quite good, at 17,600 yen (normal time) instead of 39,200 yen (normal time for ANA FLEXD).

Smart Senior Sky Discount can be reserved and purchased on the ANA website or at the Reservation / Information Center. You need an “ANA Mileage Club Card” or “ANA Card (credit card)” to use it, but according to the official website, you cannot join the ANA Mileage Club at the airport counter on the day of boarding, so you can use it at any time. It’s a good idea to prepare in advance.

When using Smart Senior Sky Discount for the first time, you need to confirm your date of birth with official documents. It seems that you may be required to show official documents from the second time onward, so basically it is safer to always carry it with you.

◆ JAL “Senior Discount on the day” ◆
Available when there are vacant seats at the time of departure
JAL (Japan Airlines) senior discount is “Senior discount on the day”. As the name implies, it is available to people over the age of 65 if there are vacant seats at the departure airport on the day of boarding. If there are vacant seats in “Class J” or “First Class” on your flight, you can change them by paying an additional fee.
The fare for senior discounts on the day is “9,200 yen to 21,400 yen” for flights from July 1st to August 31st, 2022, and “8,150 yen to 1” for flights from September 1st to October 29th. It is set at “6,100 yen”. For example, the normal fare between Tokyo and Osaka is 30,350 yen, but it will be 10,700 yen (when departing on Friday, July 22, 2022).

If you want to use the senior discount on the day, check the availability of seats on the JAL website or the electric bulletin board at the airport, and then purchase at the “automatic check-in / ticketing machine” at the airport or at the JAL Group domestic flight counter (city / airport). ..

Official documents certifying that you are 65 years old or older at the time of ticket purchase / boarding, JAL card (credit card), JMB.GGWAON card (JAL mileage card for people 55 years old or older), Silver Pass ( One of the new issuance suspended) is required.
Senior discount for airlines other than ANA / JAL
Senior discounts are also available for airlines other than ANA and JAL. Each company has a limited number of routes, but if it fits your itinerary, please consider it.

◆ AIR DO “DO Senior 65” ◆
Route: Tokyo-Sapporo, etc.
“AIR DO” based in Hokkaido has “DO Senior 65” for people aged 65 and over. Discounts will be applied if you make a reservation or purchase on the day of boarding, provided that you have registered as a “My AIRDO” member and confirmed your date of birth in advance. Membership registration is also possible at the airport counter on the day of boarding, but at that time, official documents that can confirm the age are required.

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