“Rule-breaking ultra-thick sole” creates explosive speed! new balance running shoes

In 2020, the official road race of “World Athletics” (World Athletics Federation) stipulated that the thickness of the sole should be within 40mm in order to limit the benefits of high resilience of shoes with extra-thick soles to some extent. However, products with specs that transcend this rule are still being released by each brand, offering unprecedented levels of speed due to their unparalleled rebound resilience.

The “FuelCell SuperComp Trainer” released this season by New Balance is one of them. I actually experienced the height of the driving force.
Providing runners with an unprecedented speed experience brought by overwhelming rebound resilience!
Most running shoes on the market today adhere to the 40mm sole thickness set by the World Athletics Federation two years ago, but there are some exceptions. One of them is the “Adizero Prime X” announced by Adidas in 2021.

The model is a pair developed as a “light speed, non-standard carbon, a concept model equipped with Adidas’ unique technology to achieve speed that is not bound by the rule book”, and the sole thickness is about 50 mm. . At the “Vienna City Marathon” held on September 12, 2021, Ethiopia’s Delara Frisa finished first, but was disqualified because she was wearing these shoes. Regarding this, many industry insiders believe that it was part of a promotion rather than a mere mistake by an athlete, and this incident dramatically increased the awareness of shoes. As this shows, the Adizero Prime X was developed for top-level athletes, and Adidas positioned it as a demonstration of how fast humans could run.

On the other hand, New Balance’s “Fuel Cell Super Comp Trainer” introduced this time has been developed as a “rule breaker to acquire the essential” speed “that runners want”, and it is not only for top athletes but also for a wide range of runners. It is finished in one pair that meets the request of “I want to run faster than the current situation!”

The “Fuel Cell Super Comp Trainer” is equipped with “ENERGY ARC”, which sandwiches a carbon plate, in an ultra-thick midsole that exceeds the 40mm rule, which is the thickest in the history of the “FuelCell” series, which boasts outstanding rebound resilience.
“ENERGY ARC” promotes energy savings when weighted, creating an explosive energy return, and the new carbon plate curved in a bow shape bends when stepping on, maximizing “play that saves energy”. This is how it works. In addition, the combination of the high-resilience “FuelCell” compound and the cavities created based on scientific data further expands the flexibility of the plate.

As described above, the “Fuel Cell Super Comp Trainer” provides runners with an unprecedented speed experience brought about by overwhelming rebound resilience.
[Test run review] I appreciate the fact that it is easy to control the pace at the runner’s will!
First of all, when you touch the ultra-thick midsole, you can feel the softness that has never been seen in running shoes. it’s softer than that!?” It turned out to be about 20% flexible.

When I put my feet in, the opening part was narrow, and it took longer to put on than general running shoes, but once I put my feet in, I didn’t feel any strange cramping. In addition, the structure of the gusset tongue, which sews both ends of the shoe tongue to the insole board, works to provide a high level of fit in the midfoot.

I was worried about stability due to the softness of the midsole mentioned earlier, but it didn’t feel wobbly when standing.

When you actually start running, it feels fluffy, but it’s not a negative impression at all, it’s something that makes you think, “It looks like it’s going to be fun!
And the big feature of this shoe is that you can easily increase your pace. At 26cm (US8), the measured value is 285g, which is not heavy considering its voluminous silhouette, but compared to today’s thick-soled racing, it is hard to say that it is lightweight, but it was easy to pick up the pace.  With some thick-soled racing shoes, you may feel that you are running fast, but with this “Fuel Cell Super Comp His Trainer”, I was grateful for the fact that it was easy for the runner to control the pace. In addition, the extra-thick sole absorbs the landing impact accurately, minimizing the burden on the legs. Another good point is that I felt less tired the next day.
[Summary] I liked it so much that I thought about wearing it even in a full marathon race!
As mentioned above, New Balance’s “Fuel Cell Super Comp Trainer” was finished as a well-balanced running shoe by bringing together the latest technologies of New Balance.

I think it’s the best pair of training shoes for advanced runners, but I’m grateful that even intermediate runners can wear it well, and that’s the big difference from Adidas “Adizero Prime X”. Also, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is 12,100 yen cheaper for the “Fuel Cell Super Comp Trainer”.

At first glance, its looks seemed strange, but recently it has become a pair that I wear frequently, and I like it so much that I want to wear it not only for daily running but also for full marathon races.

In addition, the author had no problem with the model with a foot circumference of “D”, but the “green” one of the two colors is available in “2E (standard in Japan)” in addition to “D (slightly thin)”. The Japanese market should welcome this point.

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