“ROG Zephyrus G14” review, what is the power of the latest Ryzen-equipped 14-inch gaming notebook PC?

The latest 2022 model has appeared in the compact gaming notebook PC “ROG Zephyrus G14” equipped with a 14-inch display. In addition to adopting AMD’s latest generation CPU and GPU, we are also powering up a unique deer called “AniMe Matrix Display” that incorporates a tiny LED on the top plate.

There are 5 models in 2022. Only two of them were released in March this year, and as of May 21, 2022, the release date of the other three models is undecided. The reason why the release date has not been decided is not clear, but it may be related to various factors such as the influence of the new coronavirus, semiconductor shortage, and logistics disruption. I would like to expect it to be released as soon as possible. Among them, this time I tried “GA402RK-R96RX6800SGL” whose release date is undecided.
Check the evolution of “AniMe Matrix Display”
The look of the latest ROG Zephyrus G14 hasn’t changed much from the popular previous model. It’s simple, but it’s studded with deer that will tickle the hearts of gamers.

The representative is the AniMe Matrix display. A tiny LED is built into the top plate, and characters and illustrations can be animated by dots. In the 2022 model, the number of CNC machined holes has increased from 1215 to 1449, making it possible to express more precisely. Like the conventional model, the model without the AniMe Matrix display uses a prismatic film, and it shines depending on the viewing angle.
The AniMe Matrix display has three modes: “animation mode”, “audio mode”, and “system mode”. Animation mode allows you to create your own dot animation, and you can create it just by importing the image you want to display. The operation is easy, but it seems that it takes a sense and time to move it coolly.

The audio mode is a mode in which the visualizer is displayed according to the playback of music or video. System mode is a mode that displays the battery level, clock, date, etc. on the top plate.

As a new feature, a virtual pet function called “OMNI” has been added. A cute character that appears on the screen, you can enjoy it just by looking at it. You can enjoy mini games such as “slot machine”, “shooting game”, and “tapping mogura”, and you can also right-click the virtual pet to check the system status.

When you enable a virtual pet, the character will appear on the AniMe Matrix display. It seems that OMNI animations will be unlocked on your desktop when you get a high score in a mini game.

There are two color variations, “Eclipse Gray” and “Moonlight White”. The Eclipse Gray I tried this time has a simple and calm atmosphere. On the other hand, Moonlight White is bright white. You should choose according to your taste.

A feeling of size of 14 type that is easy to use for purposes other than games
I touched the ROG Zephyrus G14 for the first time in a long time, but this size feeling was still attractive. When it comes to gaming notebook PCs, it feels like playing a game on a large screen, and there are many large models, and the 14-inch class like this model is rare. It’s perfect not only for users who often carry it around, but also for people who keep their PCs on shelves when not in use at home.

It weighs about 1.72 kg (about 1.65 kg for models without the AniMe Matrix display). It is heavier than a mobile notebook of around 1 kg, but it is light as a gaming notebook PC and it is not difficult to carry. Battery life is about 10.7 hours according to the catalog specifications (about 11.7 hours for models without AniMe Matrix display). It will be shorter when you play the game, but it seems that you can use it for a long time if you carry it for work etc., check web pages and exchange emails. It is a spec that shines with the high efficiency of AMD’s latest CPU “Ryzen 9 6900 HS”.
Aspect ratio changed to 16:10, touchpad is bigger and operability is improved
In terms of usability, the aspect ratio of the display has changed from 16: 9 to 16:10, expanding the vertical display area. It is a form that reflects recent trends. The resolution is 2560 x 1600. The refresh rate, which is important for gaming notebook PCs, is 120Hz, and the response speed is 3ms, which is a high spec. The display quality is high, such as “Dolby Vision” and “Pantone” certification, and it also meets the company’s own high-quality display standard “ROG Nebula Display”.
I actually tried using it, but I felt that it was a display with high display quality according to the specifications. There is no afterimage even if you play the game with a vivid display. The brightness is as bright as 500 nits, and it can be used not only for games but also for various purposes such as work and creative work.

Although the keyboard has a compact body, the actual measurement has a pitch of about 19 mm. I felt the space bar was a little short, but I was able to type smoothly with the standard key layout. Even if you are absorbed in the game and type strongly, the body will not bend and the rigidity is excellent. With RGB illumination specifications, you can set the lighting and color to your liking. The keying sound is quiet, and it will be easy to use even in a quiet place. In addition, the touchpad, which was said to be small in the conventional model, has become wider, making it easier to perform gesture operations

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