Reproduce the sound of KH speakers in the studio without adjustment. Neumann open-type headphones “NDH 30”

Sennheiser Japan announced that it will release the NEUMANN brand open-type studio reference headphones “NDH 30” on July 28th.
Neumann, a prestigious German company famous for the classic condenser microphone “U87” series and cutting machines that cut the master of analog records. After becoming a subsidiary of Sennheiser in 1991 and transferring the business of Klein Hummel, which is also a subsidiary of Sennheiser in 2009, the studio monitor speaker “KH speaker” series, calibration measurement microphone “MA 1″, and sealed studio reference headphones ” It is one of the few brands that develops products other than the mainstay microphone products such as “NDH 20” and covers everything from input to output.
Among them, monitor speakers have been developed based on the philosophy of “accurately reproducing recorded sound” from the Klein Hummel era, which is a step forward of “KH speakers”. The “KH speaker” is a flat speaker without individual differences required for accurate monitoring, and the calibration measurement microphone “MA 1” can be used to adjust the speaker according to the room acoustics. A major feature is the thorough attention to “accuracy of sound”.
The “NDH 30” was developed as a headphone that reproduces the sound of the “KH speaker” adjusted using such a calibration measurement microphone “MA 1” and can build the same environment as a studio anytime, anywhere. The “NDH 20” released in 2019 as Neumann’s first headphones was a sealed product, but this time the “NDH 30” is an open product.
The driver unit uses a 38mm diameter dynamic driver manufactured by Sennheiser’s Irish factory, which manufactures driver units for earphones and headphones. It seems that it has adopted a completely new structure that arranges it at an angle and diagonally so that the positional relationship between the ear and the speaker becomes a triangle like a monitor speaker, not from the side of the ear.
In addition, in order to suppress partial vibration, we have newly developed a film material for the diaphragm of the driver unit. In “NDH 20”, two foils were laminated and used, but in “NDH 30”, by changing to a single film using a new material, rigidity and partial resonance attenuation are realized at the same time. It is said that the low-frequency response and linearity have been improved with the characteristics of excellent transient response (transient) with few unnecessary incidental sounds. In addition, a new structure with a physical absorber placed around the driver unit has also been introduced. It absorbs the 7-10kHz band and realizes linear responsiveness up to the high register.

By the way, Axel Grell, who has developed Sennheiser “HD 650”, “HD 800”, “HE 1”, etc., also participated in the development of “NDH 30”. He led the development of diaphragm materials and absorbers, and contributed greatly to the sound design of “NDH 30”.

In addition, the highly rigid body structure such as the iron headband and ear cups follows the “NDH 20”, but is about 10% lighter than the “NDH 20”. The velor material ear pads and thick headband pads, which have excellent cushioning and breathability, are said to give consideration to comfort during long-term use. In addition, in order to suppress the attached cable and crosstalk, an internal balanced cable with separate left and right grounds is used until just before the 3.5mm unbalanced headphone connector. A 6.3mm conversion adapter is also included.

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