Real event for the first time in 3 years! I went to the Tokyo Game Show

“Tokyo Game Show 2022” was held in real for the first time in about three years since 2019. Officially distributed special VR content will also be held online, but you can actually see the game with your own eyes only on site! So, this time we will cover “Tokyo Game Show 2022” and tell you about it in video format.

Portable gaming PC “Steam Deck” developed by Valve Corporation. Komodo, which develops this Steam Deck license in Japan, is exhibiting a huge booth where you can experience Steam Deck.

Steam Deck is a portable gaming PC compatible with the PC game distribution platform “Steam”. By connecting to a monitor and outputting video, you can also play with a mouse & keyboard or pad.

The basic specifications of the main unit adopt a custom APU (CPU: Zen2 4c/8t, 2.4-3.5GHz & GPU: 8 RDNA2 CU, 1.0-1.6GHz) jointly developed with AMD for the CPU. The memory is 16GB LPDDR5, and the storage capacity is 64GB eMMC / 256GB NVMe SSD / 512GB NVMe SSD. The OS is Arch-based “SteamOS 3.0”.

The ABXY buttons, joystick, 10 o’clock key, triggers, etc. are the same as a general controller, but this machine is equipped with trackpads on the left and right sides of the screen, and 4 buttons on the back. It also supports gyro operation.

The display uses a 7-inch IPS liquid crystal (1280 x 800). The refresh rate is 60Hz drive.

I actually played the game at the booth, but the first thing that surprised me was that the main body was lightweight despite its appearance. And while the 7-inch display isn’t high resolution, it’s enough to play with at this size.

Above all, I was surprised that the AAA-class titles distributed on Steam worked smoothly. I was concerned about the refresh rate up to 60Hz drive, and the exhaust heat and cooling performance of the main unit. I would have been happier if the refresh rate was up to 120Hz drive.

Regarding the exhaust heat and cooling performance, I was only able to play for a short time of about 15 minutes, so I didn’t know the details, but the center upper part of the back of the main unit was slightly warm. I’m worried about how much the heat of the main unit will rise after playing for a long time.

Bandai Namco Entertainment
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has released unreleased games such as 1:7 asymmetric action game “Dragon Ball The Breakers”, “Ultra Monster Monster Farm”, a collaboration between Ultraman and Monster Farm, and ONE PIECE RPG “ONE PIECE ODYSSEY”. You can try out 8 titles for home video game consoles, including
square Enix
At the Square Enix booth, you can try out “FORSPOKEN”, “Valkyrie Elysion”, “Star Ocean 6 THE DIVINE FORCE”, “Romancing Saga -Minstrel Song-Remastered”, and “Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Reunion”.

The completely new title “FORSPOKEN” seems to be attracting a lot of attention, as the waiting line is temporarily 130 minutes. I actually tried it out, but the speedy battles where you can use magic are very exhilarating, and it’s really exhilarating when you get the magic combo you want. This is another title I’m looking forward to releasing.
At the Sega/Atlus booth, a gigantic Persona welcomes you! It was a perfect spot for taking pictures. The trial play is “Sonic Frontier”, “Yakuza Ishin! Kiwami”, “Virtua Fighter esports” and “Persona 5 The Royal”. In particular, there are long lines for trial play of “Sonic Frontier” and “Yakuza Ishin!
At GALLERIA, a gaming PC brand developed by Dospara, in addition to the latest gaming PCs and gaming notebook PCs, there are many gaming PCs that have collaborated with super-famous professional gaming teams and professional gamers such as Crazy Racoon, Haru Shibuya, and SHAKA! If you are interested, please check it out.
The most conspicuous thing at the Konami booth was the “Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel” exhibition. Here, you can play “Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel” on a scorpion-shaped gaming chair. Seen from the edge, the impact is strong. This kind of experience is unique to the Tokyo Game Show, so I would like you to experience it.

Other trial games include “Super Bomberman R2”, “Yu-Gi-Oh Rush Duel”, “eFootball 2023”, and “eBASEBALL Powerful Professional Baseball 2022”.

Sony (Xperia)
Sony exhibited the recently announced “Xperia 1 IV Gaming Edition”, the multifunctional gaming gear “Xperia Stream”, and the gaming headset and display of the new gaming brand “InZone”. You can actually play the game, so if you want to try it before it goes on sale, please check it out.

From the Capcom booth, ‘Street Fighter 6’, ‘Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’, ‘Exo Primal’ and ‘Rockman Exe’ are being played and exhibited. It was a great success with the display of a huge object perfect for photography.

In addition, it is also a valuable opportunity to experience the PSVR2 version of “Resident Evil Village” scheduled to be released in 2023. What will happen if you experience that fear in VR …?

At the ASUS ROG booth, you can experience the fastest “ROG Phone 6” in Japan, and the latest gaming notebook “ROG STRIX G15” is also on display. In addition, there are many noteworthy products such as gaming PCs that collaborated with Evangelion! There is a gaming corner in collaboration with Bauhutte and IKEA.

At the ELECOM booth, two wireless gaming mouse models and four mechanical gaming keyboard models from the recently announced high-class gaming device “ELECOM GAMING V custom” were on display. The exhibition at the booth will be unveiled for the first time, so be sure to check it out. There is also a lottery to win the latest devices.

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