Razer sells shining gaming masks, but it is very popular and sold out immediately

Razer shines gaming mask “Razer Zephyr” is on sale → sold out on the same day
Gaming device maker Razer held an online event “Razer Con 2021” on October 21, 2021. We announced the latest model of gaming headset “Kraken V3” series, gaming chair “Enki” series, parts for homebrew PC, etc. Among them, the shining gaming mask “Razer Zephyr” was the most noticeable.

The “Razer Zephyr” is a model that is actually a commercial product of the gaming mask concept “Project Hazel” announced in 2020.

Designed to appear as a movie prop, “Project Hazel” has an RGB light that shines in 16.77 million colors on the outside, and the mouth that is transparent and the inside can be seen through is equipped with LED lighting, which seems to be a gaming product. Equipped with a design.

On the other hand, the performance as a mask, such as using an N95 grade replaceable filter, which is a standard for infection control medical masks, and having an air purifying function with a dual electric intake fan, is a gaming mask that only shines often seen. It makes a difference.

The “Razer Zephyr” was a big hit, as it suddenly went on sale as a surprise during the “Razer Con 2021” event and sold out shortly after it went on sale.

The main unit price is 99 dollars (10 sets of filters are included), and the filter is 29.99 dollars with 10 pieces per pack. According to Razer’s official Twitter account in Japan, the release in Japan will be announced one by one.

Microsoft distributes Appde. Addressed the problem of performance degradation of AMD CPUs with Windows 11 installed

Microsoft’s latest OS “Windows 11” was released on October 5, 2021, but there was a problem that performance deteriorated when installing Windows 11 on AMD’s Ryzen CPU. Microsoft began distributing an update to resolve this issue on October 21, 2021.

On Ryzen CPUs with Windows 11 installed, the L3 cache delay is up to 3x, resulting in a 10-15% drop in performance for some games and a 3-5% drop in performance when running certain apps. I was having a problem.

It has also been confirmed that UEFI CPPC2 (priority core) does not preferentially schedule threads on the fastest core of the processor, which may result in poor performance in apps that use one or a few CPU cores, and TDP65W. As mentioned above, it is said that the effect may be more remarkable for processors with 8 cores or more.

For the latter issue, AMD has already released a new chipset driver, but the former will be fixed with the Windows 11 update file distributed this time.

If you have Windows 11 installed on your Ryzen CPU-equipped PC, it’s a good idea to update as soon as possible.

The popular alien wolf game “Among Us” will be released on PS4 / 5 on December 14th.
The popular alien wolf game “Among Us”, which was released for Windows PC and then released for smartphones (iOS / Android), will finally be released on home video game consoles. Distribution will begin on December 14, 2021 for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

Also, for PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, the Japanese package version “Among Us: Crewmate Edition” will be released on December 16th. In addition to the main game, DLC such as skins and pets, and goods such as stickers and original cases are included in the set.

“Among Us” is a human-wolf battle game where up to 15 people can enjoy the deception of “crew” (crew) and in-poster (scammer) in a spaceship. The crew wins by completing the tasks on board or finding (exile) all the inposters, and the goal is to kill or expel the inposters without being found by the crew.

It has gained popularity because it is a human wolf game that can be played online, and it has become a standard game in live video games. It is said that it will be cross-platform compatible regardless of platform, so it seems that it will be possible to cross the boundaries of game machines and develop a mutual match.

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