Rakuten mobile version “AQUOS sense6s” appeared. Tax-included price 39,800 yen

“Biweekly Smartphone News” is a series that summarizes news related to the mobile industry, including smartphones, announced in the last two weeks. This time, we will deliver three topics such as “AQUOS sense6s”, which will be handled by Rakuten Mobile.
Rakuten Mobile starts handling “AQUOS sense6s”
Rakuten Mobile released the mid-range smartphone “AQUOS sense6s” (manufactured by Sharp) on July 29.

“AQUOS sense6s” is a derivative model of “AQUOS sense6” whose SoC has been changed from “Snapdragon 690” to “Snapdragon 695 5G”. Compared to “AQUOS sense6”, the CPU performance has improved by about 12% and the GPU performance by about 35%. In addition, there is no change in performance other than this, and the OS version is also kept at Android 11.

It is also possible to purchase a single terminal and it is not SIM locked. In addition to Rakuten Mobile, it also supports VoLTE of NTT Docomo, KDDI, and Softbank. However, the 4G compatible frequency bands are B1/2/3/5/1/17/18/19/38/41/42, and although they correspond to NTT Docomo’s B19 and KDDI’s B18 platinum bands, Softbank’s platinum band B8 is not supported. In addition, 5G supports n28/77/78 frequency bands, and although it supports n28 and n78 that Rakuten Mobile does not use, it does not support n79 that NTT DoCoMo uses.

The tax-included price is 39,800 yen, but if you make a Rakuten Mobile line contract at the same time (new or plan change from MNP, Rakuten Mobile MVNO contract), you can get a discount of 16,000 yen. In addition, the “Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII application privilege” can also be applied, and 3,000 Rakuten points will be presented.
KDDI announces compensation for communication failure on July 2nd
On July 29, 2022, KDDI announced the details of the refund due to the communication failure that occurred on the 2nd of the same month. There are two types of refunds, depending on the contract. Let’s explain each.

Approximately 2.71 million users who were unable to use all communication services for more than 24 hours in a row during the communication failure period as refunds based on the terms of the contract, or who were in a similar state (users who subscribed only to voice communication services) For people, we will implement a reduction equivalent to two days, such as the basic usage fee of the rate plan.

The other is an apology refund for all 35.89 million users who had contracts for smartphones, mobile phones, and home plus phones during the communication failure period, and 200 yen excluding tax will be subtracted from the billed amount. In addition, since the basic usage fee for “povo 2.0” is 0 yen, data topping (1 GB / 3 days) is presented.

After mid-August, the target contractors will be confirmed, and the applicable users will be notified sequentially by SMS. Compensation will be implemented for claims after September.

The actual contribution is 33,864 yen. Softbank announces discount for “Pixel 6a”
On July 28, 2022, Softbank announced a discount menu for the middle-range smartphone “Google Pixel 6a”.

The conditions for application are that the same terminal is purchased in 48 installments and transferred (MNP/number transfer), or users aged 5 to 22 are new and either “unlimited sharpness” or “smartphone debut plan” rate plan. If you join the A discount of 33,816 yen will be applied to the model price, and the regular price of 67,680 yen will be available for purchase at a cost of 33,864 yen (both including tax).

This discount will be available at SoftBank directly managed stores: SoftBank Ginza, SoftBank Omotesando, SoftBank Shibuya, SoftBank Roppongi, SoftBank Grand Front Osaka, SoftBank Nagoya and SoftBank Sendai Chris Road.
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