[PR]With water wiping and automatic garbage collection function, it is in the 60,000 yen range! Pay attention to “Switch Bot Robot Vacuum Cleaner S1 / S1 Plus”

Robot vacuum cleaners are becoming more popular because they reduce the burden of housework due to the increase in double-income households. It has been 20 years since the introduction of home-use robot vacuum cleaners in Japan, but now it is not only sucking dust on the floor, but also wiping it with water and using high-precision sensors and mapping functions efficiently. It is becoming more sophisticated, with an automatic garbage collection function that can be used for cleaning and reduce human labor. However, these high-performance models are expensive, and it is not uncommon for them to exceed 100,000 yen. Meanwhile, the two SwitchBot robot vacuum cleaners that appeared in June 2022 are high-performance models equipped with the latest trend functions, while the entry model “S1” is a flag with an automatic garbage collection function in the 30,000 yen range. The ship model “S1 Plus” has achieved a high cost performance of 60,000 yen. In addition, it has a “SwitchBot-like cleverness” that is a bit different from general robot vacuum cleaners, and is also characterized by proposing a unique cleaning style.
Why is the popular smart home brand used by 1 million households in Japan launching a robot vacuum cleaner?
SwitchBot, which develops and sells the “SwitchBot Robot Vacuum Cleaner S1 / S1 Plus,” is a leading brand of smart devices that makes every scene in the home smart with a simple device. While these smart devices are convenient, they are expensive and difficult to install, so there was a big challenge in introducing them, but SwitchBot takes this challenge with a revolutionary approach of “upgrading what is in the house”. It has been resolved. For example, the representative SwitchBot product “SwitchBot Bot” is a reasonable price that can be purchased for 3,980 yen (tax included), but by simply pasting it next to a button or switch, you can turn on / off the electric switch etc. on the smartphone application. The device that will be able to. In addition, the “SwitchBot Curtain”, which can be electrified just by attaching it to the rail of the curtain you are currently using, is 8,980 yen (tax included), which is a method that adds a device that is reasonably priced and easy to install, making smart homes familiar. I made it. This concept became a hot topic, and the SwitchBot devices that started with the “SwitchBot Bot”, which was launched by crowdfunding in 2016 and became a big hit, are now “SwitchBot Thermo-Hygrometer”, “SwitchBot Hub Mini”, “SwitchBot Curtain”, and “SwitchBot Smart”. Expanded lineup such as “hygrometer”. It is sold in more than 100 countries and regions, and according to the company’s research, the number of SwitchBot device users has exceeded 1 million households even in Japan.
Such SwitchBot has released the robot vacuum cleaner “SwitchBot Robot Vacuum Cleaner S1 / S1 Plus” this time. You may be wondering “Why a robot vacuum cleaner?”, But SwitchBot, which was founded with the mission of proposing a smart life to everyone, goes to push switches and open and close curtains. We are planning and developing products from a simple point of view that eliminates the hassle, and it seems that it was natural to arrive at a robot vacuum cleaner as a way to make cleaning that requires a lot of time and trouble. The details will be described later, but because the purpose is to simplify life, the SwitchBot robot vacuum cleaner S1 / S1 Plus is said to have sought not only dust suction but also smart and efficient cleaning performance. Of course, like SwitchBot, it also supports smart homes. Nevertheless, the price of “S1” is 39,800 yen (tax included) and that of “S1 Plus” is 69,800 yen (tax included), which is much lower than other companies’ products with similar functions. You can feel SwitchBot’s desire to provide a comfortable life.
Troublesome water wiping and cleaning at the same time! Robot vacuum cleaner that efficiently cleans with multiple sensors
From here, let’s take a look at the cleaning performance of the “SwitchBot Robot Vacuum Cleaner S1 / S1 Plus”.

Robot vacuum cleaners do not have as much suction power as general vacuum cleaners, and their main purpose is to suck in fine dust such as dust, sand dust, and hair on the floor, but people vacuum cleaners. The merit is that it greatly reduces the frequency and burden. The basics haven’t changed, but the performance has evolved and the “brain” is incomparably smarter than a robot vacuum more than a decade ago. The accuracy of the sensor has also improved, and it has become possible to drive efficiently without hitting furniture, etc., and to determine the cleaning route by mapping the room. Of course, the detection, analysis, and cleaning system to be executed differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, which is the difference in overall “cleaning power”.

The SwitchBot Robot Vacuum Cleaner S1 / S1 Plus is equipped with 21 types of sensors such as an LDS laser sensor that measures the objective distance, a step sensor, and a floor tracking sensor, and scans the shape and steps of a room at a speed of 2,080 times / second. Create an AI-level accurate map. Furthermore, by using the “SLAM algorithm” that determines the optimum cleaning route based on this mapping data, it is possible to efficiently enter the room while avoiding getting stuck on a step during cleaning or colliding with furniture. Clean up.In addition, it is equipped with a water wiping function that is useful in flooring rooms. Since it is a 2in1 specification that can suck dust and wipe with water at the same time, it can remove sticky sebum stains that are difficult to remove by suction alone. If you use the smartphone app “SwitchBot App” (free), you can select 3 cleaning modes, “Wipe”, “Clean”, and “Clean + Wipe”, and set the amount of water for wiping in 3 steps. Is also possible.

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