[PR]Perfect for both games and study! I sat down on “AKRacing”‘s first teen gaming chair “PINON”

From “AKRacing” of Tekwind, a pioneer of gaming chairs, the first gaming chair for teens “PINON” has appeared. The “PINON” is a gaming chair that is smaller in size and safer for teens, while retaining the characteristics of the “AK Racing” chair, which realizes a comfortable seating and reduces the burden on the body. It can be used as a chair for studying in combination with a learning desk as well as a game. I asked the child to actually sit down and check the comfort.
Gaming chair “PINON” for teens appeared from that “AK Racing”
Recently, e-sports and game distribution are booming, but games that sit and play for a long time put a heavy burden on the body, and the degree of attention to gaming chairs is rapidly increasing as an item to reduce the burden. Of course, sitting for a long time is not just about playing games, but about daily work and study. Therefore, many people choose a gaming chair as a chair for working from home.

“AK Racing”, a pioneer of such gaming chairs, is a very popular brand that is favored by many famous professional gamers and streamers. Originally, as a driver’s seat maker for professionals, he was involved in the development of racing seats for many years, but the roots of “AK Racing” is that he started the development of desk chairs by making use of the technology and know-how gained there. In addition, “AKRacing” may have a strong image of a gaming chair, but it also handles office chairs and is favored by many business users.

From such “AK Racing”, the first gaming chair for teens “PINON” has appeared. It is a model that is smaller in size for teens while maintaining the comfortable sitting comfort that is characteristic of “AK Racing” for adults. The appropriate height is 145 cm to 165 cm, and the grades are for upper elementary school to junior high school students. Not only for teens, but also for small people who feel that adult gaming chairs are too big.
While considering safety, the functions and sitting comfort are almost the same as “AK Racing” for adults.
Next, let’s check the functional aspects of “PINON”. As mentioned above, “PINON” is a chair for teens, but its functionality and comfort are almost the same as those of “AK Racing” products for adults. The backrest is as wide as a bucket seat in a racing car and gently wraps around your body. The side support overhangs the shoulder opening, and it is also a point that the body does not easily shift from side to side. The depth of the seat is 54 cm to 56 cm for the adult “AKRacing”, while it is 45 cm and 10 cm compact for the “PINON”. The cushion on the seat has the effect of distributing pressure, preventing the pressure from concentrating on a part of the buttocks and reducing fatigue. AKRacing also has familiar features such as headrests that support the head and neck, and lumbar support that supports the lumbar spine to support the correct posture.

Let’s check each point with a photo.
Other than the size, the difference from the adult one is that the reclining angle has been changed from a maximum of 180 ° to a maximum of 150 °. Even if you accidentally tilt the backrest, you can prevent unnecessary falls. As it is for teens, it is designed with due consideration for safety.

I actually sat down on “PINON”
Finally, a 6th grade boy actually sat down at “PINON”. He is a boy who is busy studying games every day, so he often sits on a chair for a long time. “AK Racing” is used by my favorite game commentator who I always watch, and I know it, but this is the first time I actually sit down. He was curious and tried “PINON” because it was used by the game commentator he longed for.

“I use a cushion because the chair I usually use has a thin seat and the buttocks hurt. PINON didn’t hurt my buttocks even after sitting for a long time. I was surprised that it fits my body. It looks cool, and if you use PINON, you can enjoy the game to your heart’s content. Of course, you can study hard (laughs), “said the boy.

Summary If you are comfortable sitting, you will be able to study as well as play games!
Gaming chairs may have the image of being dedicated to games, but comfortable gaming chairs are also suitable for non-gaming applications such as work and study. This time, I tried “AK Racing”‘s first teen gaming chair “PINON” and found that it is an excellent chair not only for games but also for studying. If you have “PINON” which is comfortable to sit on, you will be able to study as well as play games. Parents may be shy when they hear that it is for games, but if it is a comfortable study chair, many parents may think that it is okay to buy it. Also, some children are not good at sitting on chairs for a long time at home, but if you have your own gaming chair, you may naturally go to your desk. If you buy a chair with a study desk when you enter elementary school, please check it out as a replacement candidate for a child’s chair that you feel is too small to sit on.

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