[PR]Overwhelming high image quality! 27-inch 4K organic EL display “OL2701” equipped with domestic organic EL panel from AK Racing

Speaking of “AKRacing”, it is a popular brand of gaming chairs developed by Tekwind, which is often used by famous gamers and streamers, but from such “AKRacing”, the organic EL display “OL2701” has appeared as a new product line. .. It is a 27-inch 4K organic EL display that uses a domestic organic EL panel, and is a model that is particular about high image quality so that “super” is attached. Kakaku.com magazine will check the “OL2701”, the first organic EL display under the “AKRacing” brand.

Launched ahead of other companies with the cooperation of domestic manufacturers capable of mass-producing medium-sized organic EL panels
The “OL2701” is the only 27-inch 4K organic EL display in the world that was created with the cooperation of Japanese display maker JOLED, which can mass-produce medium-sized (20-30-inch) organic EL panels. Some people may think that OLED displays are not uncommon these days, but we often see small OLED displays for smartphones and large OLED displays for TVs, suitable for 20-30 inch PCs. There are few options when it comes to medium-sized products. As of June 24, 2022, if you search for a medium-sized organic EL display on Kakaku.com, you will find that there are only two models including this product, which are extremely rare. It is expected that the number of medium-sized OLED displays will increase in the future, but it can be said that “AKRacing” has introduced medium-sized OLED displays to the market ahead of other display manufacturers.
Let’s check the specifications of “OL2701”. The panel size is 26.9 inches and the resolution is 3840 x 2160 4K (definition is 163ppi, aspect ratio is 16: 9). I usually use a 27-inch LCD display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 (WQHD), but the clearness of photos and characters is different between 4K and WQHD. Until now, I thought that WQHD would be enough for 27-inch, but once I experienced 4K, I was worried about the roughness of the image quality of WQHD. The peak brightness is as bright as 540 candelas, and it does not become difficult to see even if it is placed near a window where outside light enters. When using it in a dark room, it is so bright that it is necessary to reduce the brightness. The viewing angle is 178 ° vertically and horizontally, which is the same level as the LCD that uses the IPS panel, but compared to the LCD, it is attractive to be able to maintain a very high contrast from any angle.

Another highlight is the high contrast ratio of 1,000,000: 1, which is typical of organic EL panels. Due to the characteristics of the self-luminous organic EL element, black reproducibility is high, and shading and light and shade can be faithfully reproduced. The refresh rate stays at a maximum of 60Hz, but if the game title doesn’t require speed, you can enjoy the game with high quality image quality.
Video display with high color purity by manufacturing with RGB printing method
When I actually used “OL2701”, I felt the vividness of the colors. When you view photos and videos, you’ll be overwhelmed by the stunning vividness. The reason for this high color purity and vivid display is the manufacturing method of the organic EL panel made by JOLED. The company is mass-producing organic EL panels using the RGB printing method, which is unprecedented in the world, instead of the mainstream vapor deposition method. The organic EL panel manufactured by this RGB printing method is characterized by high color purity by coloring three RGB colors separately, and the sub-pixels are RGB stripes that are ideal for video display.
In terms of specifications, a wide color gamut with an sRGB coverage rate of 130% and a DCI-P3 coverage rate of 99% has been achieved. It supports 10-bit drive of each RGB color, and can display images with higher gradation. It can be said that it is a display that can meet the high demands of creators and photographers who are particular about color.
Light and easy to install! Can also be used as a USB-C monitor
Finally, let’s check the installability and connectivity. The organic EL panel is lightweight because it does not use a backlight, but this product also weighs 5.47 kg including the stand and 3.52 kg without the stand, which is lightweight for a 27-inch display. Especially without a stand, it feels very light due to the thinness of 38 mm at the thickest part. It’s lightweight, so it’s nice to be able to install and install the stand relatively easily. The stand can be adjusted in swivel / tilt / height and is easy to handle. It is also compatible with the VESA100 mount, and can be used by attaching it to a commercially available monitor arm or wall mounter.
The external interface is equipped with 4 systems of HDMI 2.0 x 2, DisplayPort 1.4 x 1, USB-C (DisplayPort Alt mode, HDCP 1.4) x 1 as video input, and USB-A (downstream) x 2 for the hub. , Equipped with 1 audio output. Since you can output video and audio with a single USB-C cable that is easy to handle, it is easy to use even with a laptop computer that does not have an HDMI output terminal.
Summary The overwhelming high image quality is worth a look!
As mentioned above, I have checked the “AK Racing” brand’s first organic EL display “OL2701”. At first, I was wondering “Why does AKRacing, a gaming chair, handle displays?”, But I felt that the advancedness and image quality of “OL2701” are similar to those of “AKRacing” gaming chairs. .. Speaking of “AK Racing” gaming chairs, it has become a pioneer of gaming chairs with its iconic design like a racing car seat, but considering the gamer who sits for a long time and heads to the screen, It has a history of catching the hearts of many users with its comfortable sitting, paying attention to details such as armrests and headrests.

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