[PR]Ability group highly evaluated even at Kakaku.com. What is the appeal of Technics’ completely wireless “EAH-AZ60”?

Earphones and headphones equipped with a noise canceling function that can create a comfortable listening environment anytime, anywhere are gaining increasing attention year by year. Even in the popular selling ranking of the “earphones / headphones” category on Kakaku.com, more than half of the top 20 products (as of June 30, 2022) have 12 products equipped with noise canceling.

It is the completely wireless earphones that can be used without cables that are the driving force behind such earphones and headphones equipped with a noise canceling function. Recently, due to various lifestyle changes, a microphone that can support telework as well as noise canceling performance that allows you to enjoy music to your heart’s content in a quiet environment, sound quality that allows you to enjoy music with good sound, and comfort. The level required for completely wireless earphones equipped with noise canceling functions, such as good performance, multipoint that can be connected to various devices at the same time, and a full range of functions for linking with smartphones, is increasing.

Against this background, completely wireless earphones equipped with noise canceling functions that have high functionality are appearing one after another from various manufacturers, but among them, the long-established audio brand developed by Panasonic is definitely worth paying attention to. , Technics “EAH-AZ60” released by Technics. It is equipped with a good balance of high-performance noise canceling function and microphone performance cultivated in the development of cordless phones, high sound quality unique to the Technics brand, and easy-to-use functionality, and has been highly evaluated by Kakaku.com users. In this article, we will explore the appeal of Technics “EAH-AZ60”.
Highly rated by Kakaku.com users. One unit that has both high sound quality and high precision noise canceling cultivated in the development of Hi-Fi audio equipment by Technics
The “EAH-AZ60”, which was released as the second model of the Technics brand noise canceling complete wireless earphone, has a high price of 4.54 (as of June 30, 2022) with a review rating of .com with a maximum of 5 points. It has won high praise and is still very popular even now, more than half a year after its launch. Why is “EAH-AZ60” so popular at Kakaku.com when there are so many competing products?

The above is an excerpt of the review comments sent to the “EAH-AZ60” product page on Kakaku.com. There is an image that the sound is not so good when it comes to products equipped with a noise canceling function, but the “EAH-AZ60” has not only a high-precision noise canceling function, but also a high level that cannot be thought of as a wireless earphone equipped with a noise canceling function. It seems that the point of sound quality is highly evaluated by Kakaku.com users.

Speaking of fully wireless earphones equipped with Technics’ noise canceling function, the major feature is the unique “dual hybrid noise canceling” that uses digital control on the feed forward side to cancel out noise from the outside and analog control on the feedback side. Natural processing with high accuracy and little sound deviation realized by combining digital processing that can process ambient noise with high accuracy and analog processing that can process at higher speed than digital and makes noise canceling delay less noticeable. Noise canceling is also installed in the first model “EAH-AZ70W” and is highly evaluated by users.
In “EAH-AZ60”, in addition to this popular “dual hybrid noise canceling”, the acoustic technology cultivated in the development of Hi-Fi audio equipment of Technics is introduced. In addition to digital processing by DSP, the characteristics of an 8mm diameter dynamic driver that uses biocellulose for the diaphragm by deliberately adopting an analog method of adjusting the band balance by utilizing the space in front of and behind the driver unit. It seems that he aimed for tuning to enjoy natural high-quality sound by drawing out the maximum, but this aim seems to have hit the mark perfectly.

I actually tried the noise canceling function of “EAH-AZ60”, but the effect of the original “dual hybrid noise canceling” is as good as the reputation, it has high followability to noise, and it can be heard from the same direction. The fan noise of the air conditioner disappears quickly when noise canceling is turned on, and it also sounds far away against noise that jumps in from all directions, such as the rattling noise of trains and the crowds in the station yard. It masks firmly to the level you are doing. Of course, there will be the effect of passive noise canceling due to the compact earphone body that fits tightly in the ear and the earpiece developed independently, but if you can reduce noise so effectively, you can face music firmly under any noise. You will be able to. I sometimes hear that I bought an inexpensive product with a noise canceling function and failed because the noise canceling was weaker than I expected, but with the EAH-AZ60, I should be able to fully experience the effect of the noise canceling function. ..
Then, what about the essential sound quality that has been highly evaluated by users of the “EAH-AZ60”? This time, I tried listening mainly to the high-resolution sound source of the music streaming service by connecting to an Android smartphone with the LDAC codec newly supported by “EAH-AZ60”, but it tends to be in earphones and headphones equipped with a noise canceling function. , There was almost no discomfort due to the on / off switching of noise canceling. Even with noise canceling turned on, you can feel the resolution of the high-resolution sound source firmly, and even though the sound is not blurred and sharp, it is exquisite that you will not get tired of listening even if you listen for a long time. Tuning.

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