Portable PC game machine “Steam Deck” to be released on February 25

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You can play Steam on your handheld game console!
Valve, which operates the PC game sales platform “Steam”, announced that it will release its own portable PC game machine “Steam Deck” on February 25, 2022.
“Steam Deck” is a portable PC game machine that can play games distributed on Steam. You can also use Steam features such as chat and cloud save. So to speak, it’s a device that allows you to carry Steam and play PC games anywhere.

The display uses a 7-inch (1280 x 800) touch screen. The refresh rate is 60Hz. Basically, it is operated with a cross key, analog stick, and buttons, but it also has a trackpad for games that are supposed to be operated with a mouse. In addition, it features abundant operation inputs such as four back buttons and gyro operation support.

The basic specifications are AMD processor with Zen2 / RDNA2 architecture for CPU and 16GB of memory (LPDDR5). The storage capacity can be selected from 64GB (eMMC), 256GB (NVMe), and 512GB (NVMe). If you look only at the basic specifications, you can see that it has the same performance as PS4 and Xbox One.

It is attracting a lot of attention because it is an official Steam game machine that can play Steam PC games, but the release date has been decided on February 25, 2022. An order acceptance email has been sent to those who have already made a reservation. The first unit will be shipped on February 28th.

However, only users residing in the United States, Canada, the European Union (EU), and the United Kingdom can make reservations, and although the official Japanese page is open to the public, sales in Japan are undecided.

Musicians are unsubscribed one after another on Spotifry
Musician Neil Young suddenly pulled up all the songs from the music distribution platform “Spotify”. Musicians who follow this have also appeared, and the Spotify area is shaking greatly.
One of the factors that Neil Young raised the song is the podcast show on Spotify. There is a podcast program distributed on Spotify that doubts the effect of the new coronavirus vaccine and sends false information about the new coronavirus and vaccine, but I have criticized such a program. I showed it.

Neil Young criticizes Spotify for “spreading disinformation about vaccines and possibly causing death to those who believe in it,” whether to continue the show or pull up their songs. I was approaching Spotify with two choices.

In response, Spotify deleted all Neil Young songs. On SNS, along with hashtags such as “#DeleteSpotify”, links to web pages that describe the procedure for withdrawing from Spitify are spread. Canadian musician Joni Mitchell has also withdrawn his own songs from Spotify in favor of Neil Young.

In addition, Neil Young has long been distrustful of Spotify, which does not distribute CD lossless or high resolution, and in this case, “We should switch to a platform that really values ​​music quality.” doing.

Perhaps he saw this as an opportunity, Apple Music, which is run by Apple, opened a Neil Young special page immediately after deleting songs from Spotify. We made an appeal as a music distribution service that Neil Young can listen to.

Source: Neil Young

Google is serious about developing Android tablets again
An Android tablet that rarely introduces new products these days. In the tablet market, Apple’s “iPad” series is doing well, while other manufacturers are not prioritizing the development of Android tablets.

Meanwhile, it became clear that Google is looking for Android tablet development members, and there is a possibility to strengthen Android tablet development in the future.

One of the interesting things in the recruitment guidelines is the phrase “manage the execution of InkFirst’s hero app strategy.” Ink first is probably more focused on developing apps that support pen input, such as stylus pens.

In addition, the developer version of the tablet-only OS “Android 12L” has already been released, and it is expected that Google will work on the development of tablet terminals again.

However, even when Google previously released the OS “Android Wear” for smart watches, the movement itself was stagnant for several years from the beginning. After that, it seems that it has been focusing again for several years, but I still do not hear the big news.

Twelve years have passed since the launch of Apple’s iPad, and new models and OS updates are released almost every year. If the results contribute to today’s sales, it’s likely to be a long way to catch up with the iPad, even if Google refocuses on tablet development.

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